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Aug 31, 2010

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Charles Bordner

Charles Bordner


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MARS - God of War
Charles gives you awesome information on how to use astrology to time business and personal events, when to incorporate your business, product launches, going into new markets, dates of marriage and meetings, etc. He begins by explaining how Tuesday became associated with Mars, whom Romans honored as the God of War. When God created all things in six days (over trillions of years), he declared that everything was SO GOOD, he called together all the hosts of heaven and threw a huge banquet to CELEBRATE. In order to save the Israelites from having to work on this day of Celebration however, he gave a double portion of food on the 6th day, and up to our times Saturday is set aside as the weekly day of Celebration. Sabbaths (Saturdays), therefore, should be celebrations of LIFE. The ancient Hebrews understood that each planet is the physical body of a GREAT ARCHANGEL, and therefore named each day by the name of the Archangel associated with the planet ruling that day. The Romans translated the name into “Martis”, & the Anglo-Saxons then translated it into “Tuesday“. Charles then explains how March 21 - April 20 is the time of year for starting NEW things, because Aries is Mars energy. But Mars rules IRON, and so using iron on Tuesdays, during Aries, magnifies your DYNAMIC ENERGY to start anything new. But certain hours also have planetary energies. Combining all of this for a specific business or personal purpose greatly increases its power. But the power will only bring out what is INSIDE YOU, the GOOD and the BAD, so you must be very careful to also use antedotes for the negative energies because they will also be strengthened and could destroy your enterprise. Charles offers his help.