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August 30, 2010

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Charles Bordner

Charles Bordner


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Growth of Unlimited Government
Charles tackles the issue of economic freedom. He supports the rights of states like Arizona and Florida to determine their future with little control from the central government. In a truly free society, each person has the right to spend their money as THEY see fit, without being manipulated by government. Charles explains that STALIN dealt with states that tried to determine their own economic future by imprisoning and executing millions. His central government blocked the free flow of money, inevitably causing stagnation in one sector after another. The answer, he said, was more central government. This approach, however, is the same approach used by CANCER CELLS in the human body. They block the flow of nutrients that each cell needs to thrive and be healthy. HITLER also built a central government which caused an artificial economy that led to stagnation. He annexed surrounding countries to force them to buy German products. Our central government is taking the same approach as Stalin and Hitler. Therefore, it is certain that our artificial economy and currency will crumble. When it does, HARD ASSETS of consumables (food, clothing, shelter, water, self-defense) will be what you need. The answer is to follow the advice of the Master Teacher from Galilee. LOVE GOD with your whole heart and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR as yourself. How this applies to business, Charles argues, is to love the sacredness of your customer’s FREE WILL to spend their money WHEREVER they choose, whether it’s with you or your competitor. If they choose your competitor, then all this means is that you need to get off your behind quickly and invent a better product or service that meets their needs. Freedom to adapt is LIFE. Constriction of action is DEATH.