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August 25, 2010

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Charles Bordner

Charles Bordner


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Planetary Days
Have you ever connected the fact that teeth fall out and new ones grow in at 7 years old, puberty takes place at age 14 and your mental capabilities increase at age 21? It’s all by cosmic design, explains Charles. From the moment we inhale our first breath of fresh air, we are like time pieces, metamorphosing every seven years into a new version of ourselves, yet in a way which incorporates all our previous metamorphoses. Connect this with the fact that the Romans inherited from the Hebrews the 7-day week, which was then joined to the Greek/Roman understanding of how each day seems to manifest one of the seven planets. Sunday is day of the SUN. Monday is day of the MOON. Tuesday is Martis in Latin, which is the day of MARS. Wednesday in Latin is Miercoles, which is day of MERCURY. Thursday is day of Thor, which is the day of JUPITER. Friday is day of the Goddess Frieda, which is the day of VENUS. Saturday is really SATURN’S day. What that means is that the first seven years of your life was ruled by the Sun. So, how the Sun was aspected on the day of your birth was how you experienced life during your first 7 years. How the Moon was aspected on the day of your birth is how you lived the next 7 years of your life. How Mars was aspected at your birth is how you lived the next 7 years of your life, and so on. No one in human history has revealed these secret truths to the public until today. A Positive Clairvoyant, Charles gives to humanity fresh insights into timeless truths that you can use in your everyday life to bring LOVE, LIGHT, HEALING, WEALTH and BLESSING to all those in your life. If you are willing to use these truths for that purpose, your own life will eventually be filled with those same blessings IN ABUNDANCE.