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August 20, 2010

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Charles Bordner

Charles Bordner


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George Washington, Freemason Charles presents his case that ALL religions are given and blessed by God. Each religion is like the planets revolving around the Sun. The Hebrew authors of the Bible understood that the Spiritual being BEHIND the Sun created all races and religions. John picks up this theme in his Gospel when he says that “the LIGHT that illumnes every man and woman was coming into the world”. Therefore, the LIGHT of CHRIST, as John called it, came to Buddha, Zoroaster, and all illumined teachers who have ever existed in the world, and came in FULLEST MANIFESTATION in the person of Jesus. The angels ensure that every race has the religion it needs in each age to evolve higher to the measure of the teachings of Christ. While the religion of Islam has been given and blessed by God for certain races, however, it has been hijacked by men who are just as ruthless as the religious leaders of Jesus’ day. In Matthew 23, Jesus warns against these types of religious leaders. We should be careful to separate the divine teachings of a religion from the theological, political and economic oppression perpetrated by its leaders. Finally, Charles explains that Freemasonry existed among the Hebrew builders of the pyramids, the Tabernacle in the wilderness, Solomon’s Temple, the Sacred Cathedrals in Europe, and even in Washington D.C. Our Founding Fathers inherited their love of freedom and liberty from Freemasonry rooted in the Judeo-Christian heritage. Therefore, America will always be a Christian country. The best response to the tyranny of our own government, as well as militant Islam, therefore, is to strengthen your body, soul, mind and spirit. The most powerful weapon you possess to fight tyranny and oppression is your MIND. Be a Knight or Lady of TRUTH, and you will always prevail.