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July 29, 2010

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Charles Bordner

Charles Bordner


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Charles Bordner explains that a new-born infant is like a freshly manufactured CD, which is simply a disc that contains a Machine-Language on it that will operate the disc itself. The DNA of the new-born is very much like the Machine-Language, and the physical arms, legs and other parts of the body are like the physical disc itself. But the Machine-Language and disc are useless unless an OPERATING SYSTEM is imprinted upon the disc which will tell the machine-language how to use the disc. So, at the moment of the first breath, an "operating system" is imprinted. For each new-born infant, there are twelve operating systems – one is called Aries, the other is called Taurus, etc. As the child grows, software application programs are added. They are the FAMILY Software program, and the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL software program, and the CHURCH software program, etc. Charles Bordner says that his job is to DEBUG these programs operating in each person, and the most effective diagnostic tool he has found is the NATAL CHART. He also says that the goal of each person is to find their true purpose in life and thereby achieve the desires of their hearts. Therefore, all of a person’s programs should be finely tuned to make this happen in their lives with minimal effort. ------------------------------------ Charles interviews Mark from Ojai, CA who is going into business with a friend. Charles explains that the relationship will be generally good. However, in Marketing and HOW to make money, they will eventually have a serious conflict. Charles suggests they find someone with a good Jupiter to take over Marketing & HOW they make money, and leave them alone to do their job. Then their partnership can have a chance of doing well.