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The Charismatic Universalist Church is a bible-based church rooted in the ancient sacramental traditions of first century Catholic Christian theology. Our Sunday Bible Study and Worship begins with The Bishop's Bible, a segment in which Rev. Bishop Kristina Rake teaches theology and scripture in a new and innovative way. Then, during worship, we sing hymns, read God's word, and listen to a spiritual sermon from award-winning preacher, lecturer, and published author, Bishop Rake. Afterward, Bishop, a healer and psychic medium, prays in the Pentecostal, Charismatic tradition. Anointed with the Holy Spirit, she sends the Spirit out to specific people God tells her need it. You can get on a list of people by emailing us. Finally, Bishop gives you a chance to personally experience Our Lord and Savior by walking you through a guided meditation prayer. This is worship at its finest--where you can learn about God's word and commune with Him in a mystical way. Join us and Catch the Spirit!

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Last week, when I chose our topic, I did not know that it would become very personal just four days later. On Wednesday, we began a two part series on Near Death Experiences, the Afterlife, and what they can teach us about the Paranormal and Hauntings. On Friday, our co-host, Dr. Chuck Kennedy, suffered a heart attack and was clinically dead for several minutes. During that time, he experienced his own Near Death Experience. He will be on air this evening to tell us what happened and what he learned from his journey. We are all afraid of death and dying to a certain extent. We all grieve for loved ones lost. Hearing the testimony of the tens of thousands of people who are clinically dead for a period of time only to be rescucitated can help us cope with the Great Equalizer, the final event in this life: Death. NDE's can give us hope that a part of us lives forever, but they can also teach us a great deal about ghosts, spirituality, the afterlife, and how to handle deliverance ministry: helping a ghost or spirit moved on into heaven. Join Kristina Rake, M.A. (Theology and Scripture) and Dr. Chuck Kennedy, R.N., Ph.D (Neuroscience) tonight to learn about this amazing topic. Kristina Rake is a psychic-medium and theologian. She consults for paranormal teams around the world on demonology, religion, the occult, deliverance of trapped spirits, and psychology. She hosts several radio shows on My Old Catholic Radio Network, does private as well as gallery readings, and is the author of several curriclulm books used in schools and colleges across the country. Dr. Chuck Kennedy has been researching the science of spirituality and paranormal phenomenon for over 40 years. He has developed several pieces of equipment as well as forensice EVP science, both of which have enhanced the field tremendously. He is also the author of 10 books on brain science, as well as the paranorma. His website is: and
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Last week, when I chose our topic, I did not know that it would become very personal just four days later. On Wednesday, we began a two part series on Near Death Experiences, the Afterlife, and what they can teach us about the... more

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