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The Paranormal and The Sacred

The Paranormal and the Sacred


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Featured Host Char McCain, a Forensics Counselor, Psychic, Writer, Artist, Christian Mystic and UFO Experiencer~interviews guests who are experts on all aspects of the paranormal and the sacred. The Paranormal and The Sacred has been featured on Blog Talk Radio as Staff Pick!

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Dr. Cece Stevens Dr. Cece Stevens is a Psychic Medium and Mystic Healer and the Founder of California Holistic Chamber Commerce and she has a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science. Dr. Cece is a Reiki Worker, Crystal Healer, Teacher, Dowser and Rain Maker. Dr. Cece has performed energy healings since the age of five and as a Professional Psychic-Medium Cece has established a vast untold amount of clients. She is known internationally as the curator of BOB the Skull of Wishes. Dr. Cece is available for workshops all over the United States. She has trained hundreds in their Psychic Abilities and Healing Arts. She has several books she has written on astrology, cooking, and children's stories. She has several books she has written on Astrology, cooking, and children's stories. From Cece," A little about me and my ability to transfer energy. It does not matter if we deal with a live plant, animal or a human. All matter is energy and connected. I grew up surrounded in interests with Astrology and UFO's. I am adept in Astrology, Numerology, Bio-Magnetic healing, Nero-linguistic healing, Spiritualist, Dowser. I am a natural Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsensitive. I am a member of National Council Geo-Cosmic Research, and founded California Holistic Chamber Commerce". Dr. Cece Stevens can be reached at (520)-907-0102 or cecest@aol.com or CeceStevens.com
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Paul of Tarsus: Professional House Sitter The apostles are like house sitters taking care of God's place while he's temporarily out of town. Sure, you have to check the references for your house sitter, but other than that, you're good. And... more

Jacqueline Jones Known as Savvy Jacqueline, Jacqueline is an ?experiencer? who has been having paranormal activity her entire life that includes psychic predictions of natural disasters and events. She was advanced in mathematics... more

Welcome! Today we are reading I Corinthians Chapter 3. Wondering just who knows all about this in the Spirit stuff? Paul explains that when he came to the Corinthians, he couldn't speak to them like people in the Spirit because they... more

Jen Pio Jen Pio has her Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology. She currently provides case management and outreach to the homeless community. She is a wife and mother with four beautiful daughters. Jen was born in... more

Happy Mother's Day! Especially to our Sacred Blessed Mother Mary. Today we are reading I Corinthians, Chapter 2. Paul tells us that when he came to Corinth, he wasn't some smart, smooth-talking guy. Actually, he was kind of weak and... more

Lauren Lawrence Lauren Lawrence is the dreams columnist of the New York Daily News, an author of several books, and has starred in the TV show Celebrity Nightmares Decoded on the Biography channel. She is scheduled to be on an... more

Welcome everyone! Today we are reading I Corinthians! Paul's letter starts with some basic introductions. Hey! Paul here. What up, Romans? As it turns out, Paul's never been to Rome, but he wants to go. Really, really badly. He's... more

Edwin and Marsha Becker are a very creative and beloved couple who became interested in the paranormal when they moved in to an extremely haunted house. Edwin Becker became a bestselling author with the release of his book True... more

Today we read the last Chapter in Romans. Romans 16. The last bit of the letter consists of some shout outs to Paul's friends in Rome. Talk about name-dropping. There are about twenty-six names in all, but we'll just hit a few of the biggies: He... more

Jerry Avalos Jerry Avalos is a lead researcher & developer for Intrinsic Energy Innovations Inc. and Quanta Fuel Technologies, applying his understanding of how intuition and quantum mechanics meet by creating nano and scalar... more
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