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The Paranormal and The Sacred

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Featured Host Char McCain, a Forensics Counselor, Psychic, Writer, Artist, Christian Mystic and UFO Experiencer~interviews guests who are experts on all aspects of the paranormal and the sacred. The Paranormal and The Sacred has been featured on Blog Talk Radio as Staff Pick!

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JON WILLIAM LOPEZ Jon William Lopez is a student of New Thought spirituality, metaphysics, and a professional licensed spiritual counselor and prayer practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. A cartoon animator, illustrator and professional photographer, his career spans over 40 years, during which he worked at Disney Feature Animation, Dreamworks SKG, Turner Feature Animation, Film Roman (for 3 seasons of ?The Simpsons?) and dozens of other studios and production houses. He has exhibited and sold his photography in New Mexico where he and his partner co-owned an art gallery, Morning Calm Gallery. He was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has also lived in Michigan, Brazil, New York, Texas, Georgia and New Mexico. He and his partner also taught English for a year in South Korea. Always interested in metaphysics, Lopez was introduced to New Thought ideas in the mid-1980s and has since had direct personal experience with the spiritual principles that beliefs, thoughts and words create reality, and that there is one Universal Mind and Intelligence of which we are a part and can use in our daily life. Using these principles, Jon has, along with attracting his life partner (now his spouse), manifested his dream job, increased financial prosperity. He is author of a book, ?Perfect Praying: 5 Simple Steps That Make Prayers Work.? Though not raised in any formal religion, Jon has always had a keen interest in and fascination for metaphysics, spirituality, the paranormal and UFOs. In the 1980s, while living in Brooklyn, NY, he had a lucid, out-of-body experience involving UFOs, so vivid and real, he remembers it as though it happened yesterday. His favorite movie of all time is ?Close Encounters of the Third Kind?, which he has seen more times than he will ever disclose. He and his spouse now live in retired bliss in Tucson, Az, where he continues his photography and spiritual practice.

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II Corinthians Chapter 8, More Money Concerns. It's still pledge drive week in 2 Corinthians. Paul continues to talk about money while the Corinthians consider listening to another station for a chapter or two. Paul tells the Corinthians that... more

Steve Hudgeons Jr. Director of Investigations Born January 21, 1950 in Fort Worth, Texas. Graduated 1968 at Diamond Hill Jarvis. Joined the US Navy 1969 and has 4 ½ years of honorable service and 3 ½ years... more

It's Money Time! Now Paul comes to the important part—asking for money. It's usually best to leave that until you've sufficiently praised your audience. Nice work, Paul. Though he mentioned it before in 1 Corinthians, Paul is still after the... more

Cynthia Cavalli Cynthia Cavalli is many things: a shamanic dream and synchronicity coach, corporate systems wizard, complexity consultant, and visionary life strategist. Her background includes an eclectic blend of education... more

Corinthians 2 Corinthians: Chapter 7 Summary Let's Stay Together Paul knows that the Corinthians and he are going to make things right again. He asks them to open up their hearts to him and his friends. He also throws in a little... more

David Harvey is an independent paranormal researcher with extensive experience on residential cases and historic sites. David is the former historian and researcher for The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society, and the... more

Corinthians 2 Corinthians: Chapter 6 Summary Don't Feed the Trolls Paul goes on to talk more his excellent apostolic resume. Unlike the false apostles in Corinth, Paul doesn't think grandiose displays of religiousness mean anything.... more

Thom Reed is a South Beach fashion photographer, and the founder of MIAMI MODELS, w/clients: Polo Black Label, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. The historic off-world / UFO case of the Reed Family, was assigned a Vallee... more

Welcome! We are reading II Corinthians Chapter 5. Here's a nice thought: if the tent we live in was suddenly destroyed (flash flood?) we would have a nice home with God. In Heaven, there is no mortgage or rent, either. Right now, we're all... more

Marie D. Jones is the best selling author of ?Mind Wars: The History of Mind Control, Surveillance and Social Engineering,? 11:11 – The Time Prompt Phenomenon – The Meaning Behind Mysterious Signs, Sequences and... more
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