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      Dawn of Justice Director Zack Snyder

      Zack Snyder, the director of the new DC Film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is today's special guest. In this podcast, we discuss the new film, reaction to the film "Man of Steel," the creation of the DC Cinematic Universe.

    2. Pod Vader & SuperFans Super Bowl Recap

      Your Sunday night Next Fan Up host, Mark Sitko (Eagles Superfan), is joined by Podvader (Jay - Patriots), Neil (Redskins Superfan), Nick (Chiefs Superfan) and Jimmy (Panthers Superfan) to discuss Denver's Superbowl victory.

    3. Rubbing Elbows with Dwight Goodin

      Jim calls in with a report from New York Mets Fantasy Camp. Breuer has been playing ball and rubbing elbows with old Mets like Dwight Gooden!

    4. Trivial Warfare Listener's Tournament!

      This week we kick off the Trivial Warfare Listener's Tournament! This week's show features two first round matchups.

    5. Josh's Monday from Dusk 'Til Dawn

      Josh does a solo episode on our BlogTalkRadio debut, and talks about the transition. He also shares some details about one of his favorite comedian’s new special that you HAVE to see.

    6. PuppyMonkeyBaby The Super Bowl Show!

      PuppyMonkeyBaby (The Super Bowl Show!)

    7. Guys Who May Be Too Sensitive

      Nick Guerra is on the podcast trying to shed some light on why people are so sensitve. They take fan call ins to see if Leo is too sensitive or just a man in touch with his emotions, find out on this episode of Yo Leo Show!

    8. This Week's Economic Calendar

      Here's today's one minute update of what happened with mortgage rates, housing and the economy.

    9. Beyond BananaDrone

      The greatest hits collection: streaming & bandwidth charges; Uber logo idiocy, Alphabet, Amazon & Apple and more.

    10. Hiking Seoul's Majestic Mountains

      Bukhansan National Park is almost 80 sq/km in size and is located so close to the urban area of Seoul, South Korea that it's possible to take the subway here, like I did on this visit.

    11. 50th Super Bowl Wrap Up

      John Daly's 50th Super Bowl Wrap Up.

    12. The Cooper & Rupert Podcast

      On today's show the Sports Gal Pal brings in one of her favorite podcasters and cohost of the Cooper & Rupert Podcast, the delightful Doug Cooper.

    13. The Kanye Problem

      Could Kanye's twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa and other celebrity feuds where kids are dragged into it get stars in real legal trouble? Vikki will weigh in on that as well as the Taryn Manning case against her make up artist.

    14. Caffeine and the Healthy Diet

      Today Laura Theodore the Jazzy Vegetarian welcomes welcome the internationally recognized expert on nutrition and health, Dr. Pam Popper to talk about Caffeine and the Healthy Diet!

    15. Double Reverse Parent Trap"

      S2 E15 “Double Reverse Parent Trap” The breakfast choices this week are questionable but not for the normal reasons. Jon is raspy, Keith is put on the defensive, and Chuck has a brand new conspiracy concerning the Morrii.

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      Small Business Unstuck

      Host Barry Moltz gets small businesses unstuck. He has founded and run small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for more than 15 years. This is a business radio show where he shares all the craziness of small business. It’s that craziness that actually makes it exciting, interesting and totally unpredictable.