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Dr. Kathryn May channels Mother/Father God, with other Ascended Masters, like Sananda/Jesus, St. Germain, AAMichael, Lucifer and others. Join "spirited" conversations between God, Masters, guides and callers.

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Our guests always include beloved Masters who come to tell us about recent events, world changes and to support our Ascension. Tune in on Wednesdays at 8 pm EST, or check out the archives for an amazing storehouse of uplifting and informative programs.
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On-Demand Episodes

Show tonight, Wednesday at 8 PM. Serapis Bey on Ascension, and how the Prosperity Programs will further ignite your Ascension. Ashtar will speak on how to work with your very own Galactic security team. Building and enjoying... more

Tonight's important show is a come-one-come-all with messages from Archangel Michael - "You Are a Channel Now" St. Germain - "The Focus and Release of World-wide Prosperity is Underway." Ashtar - "Your World is Safe." Sananda -... more

Gather round! The Company of Heaven is closer every day, giving us detailed information about the progress of the Freedom Programs as they unfold across the world. Sananda will address us, his "co-workers" on the ground. Archangel... more

Throughout the past weeks, Kathryn and Christine have communicated constantly with those who have designed and are sending the frequency programs, the nano poisoning programs (including chemtrails) and other Anunnaki inventions that... more

"Stanley" escaped his lifetime enslavement in the secret underground of the cabal just days ago. He was part of a program to develop the high-pitched sonic "psychic" frequencies that cause mental confusion, physical pain and activation... more

Join us for a revealing and intimate portrait of a loved family member who is now across the Veil, working to help us all understand our important Missions and the surprising ways they often play out in life. It will open new horizons for you, and... more

I know so far that we will hear from Archangel Michael, because he came to tell me that he, Sananda and Mother God will be on the show. Much to tell about the last few days. Lightworkers, hang on. We are moving the project... more

Tonight our guests will come to discuss the state of transition we are experiencing, and offer thoughts and suggestions to help us sail through this challenging time. Sananda and Kathryn will discuss the progress that has been... more

Lightworkers around the globe have been working diligently to bring forth the promised changes on Earth. They are increasingly coordinating with each other and with Galactic Federation teams to achieve historic leaps forward.... more
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