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Dr. Kathryn May channels Mother/Father God, with other Ascended Masters, like Sananda/Jesus, St. Germain, AAMichael, Ashtar, TeamLeader, Adama, Saint Germain, Serapis Bey, Sanat Kumara, Terra and others. Join "spirited" conversations between God, Masters, guides and callers.

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Archangel Michael: 10 Things to Leave at Redemption's Door! We are mighty. Together as one, we are healing our inner wounds and dissolving old programming. On this intimate show, we will delve into the kinds of things... more

Sananda Answers Your Questions on Love & The GCR! Unified Redemption Focus Day 8 You have been sending in your questions, and the Company of Heaven is ready to respond. Saturday's show will be at 2:00 PM EST. Sananda... more

You have been sending in your questions and the Company of Heaven is ready to respond. (Today's show will be at 7 PM EST instead of 2 PM.) Sananda will come to answer your thoughtful and heartfelt questions on Love, speaking with... more

Enough! by Saint Germain - Unified Redemption Focus, Day 7 13 November 2016 SAINT GERMAIN: It has become increasingly EASY to undo, re-groove, clear, cleanse, release all that no longer serves us as we continue to rise in our... more

We have prepared long and diligently in order to become pure vessels, ready to disperse God's Prosperity across Earth! Yet, the intensity of this experience will still be immense for us. We have practiced day and night choosing love... more

Aloha, Redemption Family, from the Company of Heaven! It is your Brother Archangel Michael. I heartily thank and embrace you for your Faith and constancy. Galactic Federation members, Angels, Agarthans, Ascended... more

Waaaahooo! Y'all come for: a dynamo Meg and Eoghan report, Christine describing her recent multidimensional Twin Flame date, Kathryn daring to reveal what happened when -- for one last time -- she stuck her toe in the "My will is... more

Archangel Michael comes to bolster our courage with his assurance that the Freedom and Prosperity Programs are ripe and ready to go for Earth. You are in the very right place at the very right time. You are Chosen, and you... more

Archangel Michael confirms! The tidal wave of Prosperity is in release! Expand! The moment we have long (much longer than we even yet perceive) prepared for is upon us. As you go through the specifics of claiming Redemption for your... more

Archangel Michael comes to assist us in annihilating the current slave term "responsibility." Responsibility is NOT a burdensome to-do-list that can never be accomplished. Responsibility is NOT a system of earning privilege, which is... more
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