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Dr. Kathryn May channels Mother/Father God, with other Ascended Masters, like Sananda/Jesus, St. Germain, AAMichael, Ashtar, TeamLeader, Adama, Saint Germain, Serapis Bey, Sanat Kumara, Terra and others. Join "spirited" conversations between God, Masters, guides and callers.

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Join us to hear from Mother God, who brings us the greatest information, through a special channeling with Kathryn. Come all! Kathryn, Christine and Meg
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GIVING....ACCORDING TO THE COMPANY OF HEAVEN. Sananda, Archangel Michael and Eoghan will come through Kathryn, Christine and Meg. And perhaps more..... See you on Sunday at 2 PM EDT!

This is going to be interesting. Sananda, Archangel Michael, Martin Luther King, Jr., Eoghan, Ashtar, Mother Theresa, Che' Kumara, Ramana Maharshi and Gandhi are coming bearing gifts. These Masters are saying that if you come to... more

Come gather with the family around the summer evening campfire where you will hear the Masters give us warm encouragment and incredible updates.... A new phase has begun! Archangel Michael, Sananda, Ashtar, Serapis Bey and... more

There is an old saying on Earth, "No good deed goes unpunished." With the Company of Heaven we decree that this "truth" will never again be thought of as the inevitable way life is. We will hear from Archangel Michael,... more

Wednesday night at 8 EDT will be our next radio show with Kathryn, Christine and Meg. Ashtar and St. Germain will come to talk about important events, and AA Michael and Sananda will come with support and healing. All can use the... more

Kathryn, Christine and Meg will be broadcasting from far-flung places, Atlanta, New York and the Canandian woods. Join us to come together with participation from Sananda, AAMichael and others to give us updates and continued exciting... more

Together we are clearing the great pathway that is Ascension. Listen to our Sunday, June 19 show for the background that explains how the Revaluation of Humanity is bringing in the RV/GCR, NESARA and all the other programs we... more

Archangel Michael will bring 10 ways to increase your capacity, which is your ability to hold and express Love and Light. Serapis Bey will give an update on the progress of our Ascension Sanat Kumara will debunk the original Anunnaki... more

Sunday at 2 PM EDT, Kathryn Christine and Meg will bring news and assistance from the Company of Heaven. Lightworkers, come to listen and receive the balm and reassurance of Sananda, the Galactic news from Ashtar about security,... more

Kathryn, Christine and Meg are back! Today's show, as requested by the Company of Heaven, will address this important moment in our all-out push to bring through the many new programs that are to create the essential... more
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