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Changing Lives

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Changing Lives Changing The World Positive Talk Radio brings the real life issues facing Christians today and the motivation and inspiration to change through biblical solutions. We want all to be released to have a greater experience with God and not be hindered by past things that bind.

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It's no secret any more. The cat is out of the bag. But there is more. It is not what you think . . . This week we will discover truths about abuse that have been overlooked. Did you know that Emotional Abuse is a type of domestic violence... more

Would you like to work with a personal trainer? What questions would you ask a personal trainer? Would it be more about how to get results faster? Do you want to know about avoiding injury, warmups and staying motivated to work out?... more

?Will things ever make sense? Who's really in control? How did I get here? Why do people have to be so mean?? Stacey Geary couldn't escape the thoughts. They just kept coming. . . It's been over 8 years since her tragic loss. Time has... more

Are you stressing out over your diagnosis of high Cholesterol? Okay. The news isn't good. You are having all kinds of thoughts: ?It runs in my family. It's hereditary. I've tried everything. I don't want to have to take medicine. What can... more

The power is in your hands to shape up your life. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and doing nothing, going nowhere; stuck in the same o, same o? Are you ready to say goodbye to the old messes and embrace the new YOU?... more

Feeding your family healthy, nutritious meals while staying on a budget can seem overwhelming. Do you dread going to the grocery store? Sticking to a few simple tips can help make grocery shopping more enjoyable and cost effective.... more

You are more than just your physical existence? Yes, you should be concerned with what you put into your temple to eat or drink, but there is more that makes up your overall health than food and drink. How about your emotions? Did you... more

What are you eating? How is it prepared? Are you struggling with food tasting too bland, yet your health issues dictate a change? Would you like to eat healthy and still enjoy good tasting food? Join Frank and Blondie Clayton, along with guest... more

Have you fallen for advertising gimmicks when it comes to the water you drink? Do you really know whether what you are drinking is safe? Are you really getting the best water for the money? This week's show will center around reviewing... more

Struggling with your weight? Are you tired of trying new weight loss plans? Have you tried and tried but you just can't get control of your weight? Don't give up! Join Frank and Blondie Clayton, along with guest nutritionist Vera Stevens for an... more