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This is the last episode with Picture Perfect Tommy Valentine as the Co-host of Champion Talk. The round table is letting him know how they feel as they tear into Valentine one last time.

The journey to become a pro wrestler is long and hard. What happens when the journey is over and the boots are hung up? We discuss how former pro wrestlers cope with a life after knowing nothing but the ring for so long. How wrestlers rise... more

Its our post PPV show. What did we think of the TLC PPV. Is John Cena retain his status as the number one contender? Did Dolph Ziggler win back the Intercontenental Champion? Did Ryback feast on Kane or did Kane prove a... more

The 1st GPAs (Golden Pedegree Awards)! WWE just did its Slammys and PWI Achievement awards are being counted as week right now. What do we think of the Slammys and the PWI Achievement Candidates for 2014. We then go... more

On this edition of JWM, I will be talking to long time friend and Pro Wrestler, Robert Ezekyo! We will discuss how his love of pro wrestling came about. Who inspires him the most? The trails and tribulations of becoming a pro wrestler.... more

We continue the All Star Tournament! Cesaro has made it to the finals but who will he face? Will Seth Rollins prove he is the future? Could Dolph Ziggler show the world he is the best? Is the it factor to win with Bobby Roode? Can anyone... more

On this episode of JWM, The Wire will continue to talk about CM Punk after the 2nd part of the Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana. What did he think of Vince on Stone Colds podcast? What else did he have to say about his time at... more

This is a solo effort by me, John "The Wire' McGuire. Join me as I talk about what is on my mind or what is "Just Worth Mentioning" Is the WWE on the right track still after Mondays Raw? My thoughts on Vince McMahonon Stone Cold Steve... more

On this special episode of Champion Talk we discuss the two hotest topics in wrestling this week. Sting entered a WWE ring for the first time at Survivor Series. Now we discuss what is next for the Icon. Is Sting due for a Hall of Fame... more

Join for our post PPV Survivor Series Special. Who is the winner of the big main event with it all on the line? Did Seth Rollins prove he is the future? Did Team Cena give a pink slip to The Authority? If so what is next, who will be... more