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Many of the most popular wrestlers have many things in common. One of the things that set some above the rest is submission skill. Wrestlers like Bret Hart, Ric Flair and Kurt Angle are already great wrestlers without a submission hold. With that trusty submission they become even more dangerous. Join us on how we discuss the greatest submission holds of all time. Who do we think is the best and worst submission wrestler? Tune in and find out. Send us your thoughts or call in. Also we will go into the controversy of the Swagger/Rusev fued and talk about CM Punk for what may be the last time.
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On this special post PPV show, we discuss the events of the Battleground PPV. Was it better than last year? Who is the WWE Champ? Join us as we discuss the highs and lows of the Battleground PPV.

This episode of Champion Talk, we tear into the popular debates. This past week The Wire has been having debates on social media about Cena vs Flair. With Cena having his 15th World Title guns started going off with both members... more

On this Valentine Specialof Champion Talk we discuss patriotism and wrestling. Join us as we share some of favorite memories of popular wrestlers from the world over that inspire national pride when the perform in ring, From Hulk Hogan... more

This is the 50th episode of Champion Talk! There has been alot going on these past few weeks in wrestling. We will talk, TNA, ROH and WWE. Was Slammiversary a home run like TNA needed. TNA is heading to the NYC, hear... more

On this edition of Champion Talk we discuss on the factors that make a wrestler into a superstar or the torchbearer of the promotion. Is having the it factor something your born with or is it a perfect storm of when both the wrestler and... more

A very special edition of Champion Talk, we have a raw honest discussion about our days as backyard wrestlers. We talk about a friendships that were forged with desire to entertain. The drama that ripped at the soul of a tight group, A look at... more

On this edition of Champion Talk we discuss the Payback show and the events that followed. Raw really has the Champions excited to discuss the Shield vs Evolution. How do we feel about Cena/Wyatt Last Man Standing match. Also to... more

Join us as we pick up where we left off on Part 1. This past show took way more time than The Champions expected. We will finish our talk about the state of Pro Wrestling and our Payback predictions.

With everything that has been going on in Pro Wrestling as of late. The Launch of the WWE Network and the major losses WWE has suffered. Fourteen years ago Pro Wrestling was red hot with 3 different brands with a audience that... more

Picture Perfect Tommy Valentines Special has gotten good reviews, but has all that gotten to his head? The rest of the Champions confront Valentine on his extracuricular habbits and how they effect the show. Last week we discussed... more