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The shows will be about education, mysteries, controversies, metaphysics, and etc.

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Already in 2016, the world has seen its share of major events from weather disturbances to racial disparity. Additionally, you have two presidential candidates that are not worthy to be the President of the United States. Most... more

What does Lloyd Strayhorn have to say about Nibiru or the hidden planet? Lloyd Strayhorn, renowned Master Numberologist, author, lecturer, and workshop facilitator. Lloyd has been studying and applying the science of numberology... more

Google the word man in the search bar under images. Now google the word woman in the search bar under images. So what do you see? What does the force see? How do they exist among the indigenous world wide? What is... more

Have you ever wondered why the soulless ones continously launch their offenses against the conscious people around the globe? How do you explain about the shadowy images of the corner of your eyes? Why is there so much weather... more

Well, it brings me great pleasure to welcome you a guest who volunteered to be on the show and his name is Lloyd Strayhorn. He is a numerologist that can tell you, what your sole purpose is on this planet in this time. This will ensure... more

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if there is such an organization that would assist in your relocation to other countries for better jobs, housing, better living conditions, etc? How are other copper peoples worldwide... more

USA is suppose to be the land of the free where people dreams comes true. It seems that this country is at a point of no return. Many people including most black americans are automatons, which clearly identifies that people lost faith in... more

The show will be about the ongoing crisis that America the corporate govenment is doing in violation of US Constitutional laws and various contract laws. This crisis may lead to a civil war provoked by the banks and law makers of... more

What does love mean to you? Love is being used for alot of things (material), but it is never anything good? Love could be evil backwards without the Ohhhh! Love could be used deceptively not releazing that the law of cause and effect... more

Money has many definitions, but what is mindset of money that people are so attractive to? Can money bring truth or can it bring lies? Does money bring death or life? Does money influence the poor to have something or does it bring joy... more