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The traditions of men have thoroughly corrupted the Christian life. The relationship between the church and the civil magistrate (government) is broken, our economy is in shambles and the fabric of the American culture is in utter disrepair. The Traditions of Men radio program is dedicated to helping expose these traditions and restore solid biblical principles. Our Constitutional rights rise and fall on whether they are supported by Scripture. We must understand why it is important to engage in the battle for our God given Constitutional freedoms.

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The passing of the health care bill has accelerated all the trends that were in place regarding the economic and political challenges that this nation faces. It has introduced a level of political instability within the United States that is normally... more

If health care reform passes (which is not certain as of yet) it will set us on what will likely be a irreversible course and everyone should know what that course is. We'll talk about it.

As Americans realize the bondage we are truly in (political, economic and spiritual) we must take a realistic look at the long road back to freedom and what that would entail. Will we be satisfied with simply stopping the march toward... more

The final in a series of three messages on the importance of reworking our grid to accept the coming changes in our nation and our world. If there is time, I'll discuss some economic reality as well.

NOTE: The start time is 30 minutes later due to a scheduling conflict I have. This will be a continuation in the series on how to help people begin to make room in their minds for a world that they are unprepared to consider. We'll look at the... more

In order for people (Christians in particular) to rework their political grid, they must understand our situation in historical and biblical context. Tonight I will play a pre-recorded show. 35 minutes of it will be the first of a three part message I am... more

With Obama's state of the union speech behind us (and to be discussed on the show) it is ironic that the word "Union" is in the title of the speech. "Union" has always implied a voluntary union of states. Obama's speech implied a single... more

We'll see what we can squeeze in in an hour. The Mass. election - a game changer? The precinct movement has gone national with stories on the front page of the NY Times and a mention by Glen Beck. But politics is politics and... more

Anyone who has hunted game birds knows one simple rule means the difference between a successful hunt and going home hungry. You have to aim for where the bird is going to be rather than where the bird is. In other words, you have... more

Tonight we will talk about a viable strategy for taking back this nation (see www.nationalprecinctactivists.com) as well as a host of other topics such as: The government is the only enterprise that profits from failure. Health care bill is... more
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