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Our show is about transforming the world of work. Show co-hosts are Victoria A. Vetere, PhD, HC, Enlightened Life Coach & Consultant, and Mary Rauchenstein, Creative Leadership Guru. Airing half an hour twice a month, Chai Chat will explore all aspects of work and business including leadership, gender, EQ (emotional intelligence), workplace bullying, and many more important topics. This show will inspire and instigate, enlighten and educate. We hope to help you transform your world of work. And we want to hear from you.

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Welcome to our Love Month shows! We're switching gears and exploring "love at work." Not what you think, like water cooler romance. But the broader question of what kind of worlplace will we create? One where competition is king? Or one where cooperation and collaboration set the scene? We'll show you just how important this choice is and why we are at a crucial choicepoint right now. "Chai Chat: Creating New Worlds At Work" is co-hosted by Victoria A. Vetere, PhD, HC, Enlightened Life Coach & Consultant, and Mary Rauchenstein, MA, Creative Leadership Guru. Together we examine the fabric of today's American workplace and offer choices for transforming it. In fact, given that we're both from Pittsburgh, we will respectfully INSTIGATE ENLIGHTENMENT! Listening to Chai Chat regularly (we air twice a month & are always available on archive) will uplift, inspire, and provoke you! We hope you are moved by our shows to share (on FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn), comment (on our websites and show page), and FOLLOW us (just click the button on our show page!) To show our audience how much we want to "share the love" this month, we welcome a SPECIAL GUEST on our upcoming show! Not saying who, but here's a hint: Are you a Lovecat? Our guest sure is! (Write us with your guess!)
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On-Demand Episodes

Our two August shows explore the topic of "drama" in our lives! Does it feel like the tail is wagging the dog? We will take a look at how and why this can happen, as well as the health risks it creates. In Part Two, we suggest what to... more

Our July shows focus on the awesome role of animals in our lives. Part Two focuses on the powerful healing role of our pets and the wisdom they can impart to us. Our special guest is Sue Wagner, DVM who is a very specialized... more

For July we explore the amazing role of animals in our lives! In Part One, "Pause With Paws," we see how our pets serve some very important roles toward calm & consciousness. This is one of our fave topics, so join co-hosts Lori Moffett, RYT... more

In Part Two of our June topic, "Keeping Summer Serene," we discuss setting relaxing summer rituals! Co-hosts Lori Moffett, RYT and Victoria Vetere, PhD, HC welcome a special guest for this show! Gail Spirit Sky, RYT is a Reiki Master... more

In Part One of our June Topic, "Keeping Summer Serene," we explore how to balance Yin and Yang energies. Summer can be full of constant activity, and hence lead to an unbalancing of our energies resulting in exhaustion,... more

In Part Two of honoring Mother's Day month, we explore the Feminine as it is expressed both intrapersonally & interpersonally. We discuss the art of "self-parenting" and its importance in creating healthy relationships. This show... more

In honor of Mother's Day we celebrate the energy of the Feminine! In Part One we focus on the role of the Divine Feminine in bringing much needed balance to our world. To explore this important topic, we welcome as our special... more

For Part Two of our April Chai Chat shows, we focus on spiritual renewal. We define this aspect broadly, and explore the many ways of experiencing spiritual renewal in our lives. We discuss the importance of this element as the... more

For Part One of our April Chai Chat shows, we focus on mental & emotional renewal. We explain these aspects and their importance to our healthy functioning. We explore sources of imbalance, and offer practical ways to create... more

In this important show we explore the power of presence. Co-hosts, Lori Moffett, RYT and Victoria Vetere, PhD, HC discuss the concepts in the work of Echhart Tolle, entitled The Power of Now. We also teach about forms of practicing... more
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