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Favoite foods

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Hello beautiful people, this is cgalive with today’s special: Favorite foods

Well I must say that I had a hard time with this topic since I have a variety of different dishes that I truly enjoy, but in having to pick only one; I decided to go with a native cuisine dish from Puerto Rico. You may be curious to know why I would pick a Puerto Rican cuisine, when there are so many other foods to choose from.  The truth is I am a Puerto Rican American both my parents are Puerto Rican and so I hold my culture and our foods close to my Heart. The Puerto Rican culture has a diversified menu of dishes and I do take pleasure in all of its different assortments, but there is one in particular that my mom makes that is so, so, good. That cuisine is arroz con pollo; translated is (Puerto Rican style chicken and rice). During family gatherings or special festive times my mom usually cooks and one of our favorites is her Puerto Rican style chicken and rice. She definitely has a way of putting lots T.L.C into her food. When she goes into that kitchen to begin rattling the pots, she makes sure she has all of those special ingredients and spices that make the dish taste so right. She begins seasoning the chicken with the right amount of Spanish spices, many of which are freshly made. Some of you may have heard of sofrito, it is one of those special ingredients that used in many Spanish dishes. She places the chicken in a big pot with olive oil and begins to sawtad it making sure the chicken is soaking up the flavors of the seasonings.She then adds her rice, olives and capers cooking that for about five ten minutes before adding the tomato sauce, beer and stock stirs it up, covers the pot, turns down the heat and simmers until it is fully cooked Along with a slice of avocado and you are ready for the delightful experience of savoring Mamas Puerto Rican Spanish chicken and rice. Bon probecho