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FACEBOOK: Candidfranklive Stanisci to leave a question, comment or your number to be called by the show.   THIS IS SHOW IS FOR AND BY THE FANS OF THE CFL, SO DON'T BE SHY AND ENJOY SHARING YOUR OPINONS. We talk Football outside the CFL as well after all this is a Football Show. looking for fans of the CFL to take part and talk about their fans, teams, players and games. The idea of the show is to have every team represented by fans to talk about the game, news, opinions from their "fave" teams perspective. The aim is to grow the knowledge and shared love of the game on the CandidFrankLive Show raising the intimacy by die hard fans. Hopefully someday we can talk the CFL.ca into including this unique show by and for the fans or at least one like it for the fans. The CFL is the perfect league to do this because of the personal & strong attachment fans of the CFL have directly with each other and their teams.  My dream is to have fans represent themselves more and less by others who think they know what we are thinking.  How it works is simple: During the offseason we have 2 shows a week from 9-11pm EST on Monday and Friday.  the Season Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We have a round table discussion, not necessarily statistical, or expert like but fan perspective of news, and how we think based on our loyalty to our particular CFL team.