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Salvation by politics is a down ward spiral leading to death. You can put your trust in Man but I want YHWH (God) to rule over me. He requires repentance from Sin and faith in Him. Government requires much more than that! They not only want your soul and your loyalty but every thing else you have. Men are corrupt failures why trust them? Some trust in horses, some trust in chariots but I will trust in the name of my God Jesus!

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Newt Gingrich delivered anunapologetic forthright defense of his stance on unemployment in the black community and refused to kowtow to JuanWilliams's PC premises. Is this the sort of demeanor that is necessary for the GOP to... more

On this show we will attempt to seperate the adulatory myth from the reality of MLK's actual belief system. Our viewpoint will be disturbing to liberal sensibilities, but we promise not to decieve you. Join us and express your opinion no... more

we are having a show! Lee, Sarge, and Robert! Poiltics and whatever else!!!

todays political analysis! Come join the discussion

We are back ladies and gents, to start off the new year. We took a 2 week break over the Holidays to spend some family time and for a much needed break. News, and views for today. Gonna Talk about Al Sharptons stupid comments,... more

End of the week topics with Lee and Sarge

Todays news, and topics that affect you.

where has Robert been, Where has Sarge been?

Syrians want George W. Bush back in office. They say that America a better place under Republican rule. and many other stories from around the world.

So the Broncos lost tonight big deal can't win em all. The Loss isn't what concerns me, what concerns me is that those in the media that hate Tim Tebo, because of his faith are now celebrating over the loss. Why is that? I guess... more
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