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Homosexual Terrorism

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What are they up to now? I want to make it clear that I don't hate Homosexuals, transvestites, Lesbians, or bi-sexuals. What I do hate is the strong arming of the majority of Americans to accept the life style or be labled as ignorant, hateful, bigoted, stupid. I also hate the state Governments legislating sexuality for the class room forcing children to undergo brainwashing. How many times have we heard from the leftist that we cannot legislate morality? Well will someone please tell Governer Jerry Brown and the rest of the Californian State government that they can't do that.

How many times have we been told you can't force your morality on someone else? Well! wil someone please tell these homosexual terrorist that..you know the ones that tell you that you must accept their world views and ideas, and opinions and if you don't your are just an intoleraant bigot that the same goes for them. Todays show will be graphic and offensive but I believe we must expose ourselves to blood and guts sometimes to understand the severity of the situation.

Enter at your own risk!