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Salvation by politics is a down ward spiral leading to death. You can put your trust in Man but I want YHWH (God) to rule over me. He requires repentance from Sin and faith in Him. Government requires much more than that! They not only want your soul and your loyalty but every thing else you have. Men are corrupt failures why trust them? Some trust in horses, some trust in chariots but I will trust in the name of my God Jesus!

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Join me today for a show long over due. God bless America, and God bless you all.

Tonight we will be exposing the Hebrew Roots Movements. We will continue to do shows about this movement until it is fully exposed for being a dangerous cult. Come listen and learn. If you have family or friends in this movement we will... more

Gonna pick up where we left off yesterday with the muslim judge that allowed a muslim man to attack an innocent american citizen for the sake of Islam!!

Will be discussing Muslim attack on an athiest and Muslim Jude right here in the USA that allowed the attacker to go free. Obama and his racist election campaign coming out of the closet.. Join us today as we discuss how your President really... more

This will be a very informative show. Sarge will answering mant questions on these 2 topics. Call in and join the discussion.

show time!

Welcome to the show.

I left BTR for a while and I'm gonna do a show today to explain why and what my new plans maybe....If your interested stop by and listen...If not then oh well.

Topics of today......
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