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Central Valley Hornet

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Opinions, News, and/or Satirical Parody of local news in and around the Central Valley of California. This show is for educational and/or entertainment purposes. The views expressed by the host is their own, and does not necessarily reflect the views of others.

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Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss matters of grave importance, philosophical urgency, and militant flippancy
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Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss "death-hag" culture and the issues surrounding online videos of violence and death; the website Live Leak; and the derth of decency, respect, and understanding in the communication (or lack thereof)... more

Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss letters to the editor of the Modesto Bee; the California's current drought; the Egocentrism prevelant in the debates concerning Creationsim vs. Science, Left vs. Right, and other concepts and topics of... more

Hosts Jesse and Cody excorsims, mental illness, haunted houses and demonic forces, child services, and the Illuminati.

Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss the game of Football and its effect on American society and culture, leading to issues and questions of identity and being.

Hosts Jesse and Cody's discussion about changing social trends and the N.S.A. led them on a journey through social responsibility, currency trading, health care, and the tendency to cast moral aspersions on any and everything.

Hosts Jesse and Cody the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado as well as Tim Draper's push to get his idea of splitting California into six states put on the ballot this November.

Hosts Jesse and Cody deliver a year-end retrospective covering the world of politics, sports and culture. Vladimir Putin, Rob Ford, Ted Cruz, Duck Dynasty, movies,conspiracies, local politics, SEX and MORE!

Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss how we divide ourselves culturally by examining the recent Duck Dynasty controversy (and the history of the A&E channel), a proposal to divide California into six different states, and a survey of laws... more

Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss the lack of trust between elected officials and the general public, using local land use/development issues of current interest in their city of residence Modesto, as well as Senator Tom Coburn's... more

Today's episode features a portion of a 1-hour excerpt from the Modesto City Council meeting from December 10, 2013 when they discuss sending a letter of support for CBD, a form of medical marijuana. In the first hour, regular caller... more