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Opinions, News, and/or Satirical Parody of local news in and around the Central Valley of California. This show is for educational and/or entertainment purposes. The views expressed by the host is their own, and does not necessarily reflect the views of others.

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Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss matters of grave importance, philosophical urgency, and militant flippancy.
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Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss the problems facing a married couple, as the husband emailed his wife a spreadsheet detailing her "excuses" for not engaging in sex, whilst she posts said spreadsheet on the popular Reddit image board;... more

Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss Marvel Comics' announcement of a female Thor and female representation in media in general, and how more diverese depictions of women within culture could lead to better social conditions for women in... more

Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss opioid painkiller addiction and perscription rates in America, the continuing fetish evinced by our media for casting any and all subject matter in terms of "Right vs. Left", and the recent Supreme Court Rulings... more

Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss the marketing and merchandising of Islamic terror groups by Indonesian companies; how FIFA and the NFL use their economic leverage to extort cities and countries into providing "at-no-cost" services both... more

Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss the recent turmoil in Iraq due to ISIS barnstorming across the country, the Right's response (vitirol speweed towards the executive branch), and their less than perfect recollection of the recent past and their own... more

Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss Eric Cantor losing in his district's primary to a Tea Party Challenger and the overall mood and trends heading in to the general election in November, the recent shooting in Las Vegas and the media response... more

Hosts Jesse and Cody the recent prisoner swap, five Gitmo detainees for Bowe Bergdahl, and the calls for Obama to be impeached for circumventing the law calling for Congressional notification in advance of any releases from Gitmo.... more

Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss the recent mass shooting near Santa Barbara, perpetrated by apparent misogynist Elliot Rodger, looking at excerpts from his manifesto and examining how many of his ideas are to be found embedded... more

Hosts Jesse and Cody discussed the continued watering down of popular culture and mass media, exemplified by The Learning Channel's turn towards vapid reality programming and how even somewhat esoteric and arcane subjects have... more