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The all new KLHD 98.9 "The Talk," is bringing you "Center Stage," one of the biggest and fastest growing talk shows on blogtalkradio. "Center Stage" is a gutsy talk show that brings you pertinent, cutting edge topics each and every week. Our motto is: less music, more talk.

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CENTER STAGE SPECIAL: The Scott Sisters met comedian, diet guru and civil rights activist Dick Gregory "Center Stage." Jamie and Gladys Scott are both in need of losing weight in order for them to be candidates for the kidney... more

This is a must hear show as Mr. Lindsey Williams will give us insider information about some things Washington and the elite hopes we never hear. We'll discuss what we can expect concerning food prices, gas prices,our IRAs, 401K's,the... more

Talking with Jordan Maxwell

  • by CenterStage
We recently spent an hour talking with Jordan Maxwell. He is known all over the world for being a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of religious philosphy. He has conducted dozens of intensive seminars, guested... more

Jordan Maxwell was our guest. He is known around the world as someone who is an authority on subjects like the Illuminati, secret societies, New World Order, politics, the Vatican, bible codes, religion and so much more. He has spoken on... more

This show will deal with the crisis going on in Egypt right now. Will the Hosni Mubarak regime leave immediately, can Mohamed Elbaradei lead the Egyptian people after having been out of the country for so many years, are these... more

This show was to share recent news coverage from newspapers, television news, internet sites and any new information we had to pass on. We talked about whether Hosni Mubarak would step down, Mohammed Elbaradei stepping up... more

This will be a show you will not want to miss, as we will continue the discussion "Gang Violence: Are Your Colors Worth Dying For. Our guest will be Sally Hazelgrove - founder of "Restoring the Path Program" in Chicago, Ill, Melvin... more

This is a continuation of "Who Bankrupt America" which was a must hear show as well.

This show is a must hear, we addressed gang violence in our communities. We explored is gang banging really about dying for your gang colors or dying for big business like drugs, prostitution, burlary and auto theft just to name a few. Our... more

This will a roundtable discussion about Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shooting and how it may affect the political climate in future. In this shooting there are six dead and thirteen gravely injured. The news is reporting... more
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