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We are all partly to blame for what is happening in Ferguson, MO. Each time we stood by and watched a police officer kill an innocent person and we did nothing has played a roll in the frustration of the protestors in Ferguson. Each time we watched a grand jury come back and "no bill" an officer after he/she killed an ...innocent person and we did nothing has played a roll in the frustration of the protestors of Ferguson. So, today we all have a responsibility to get laws on the books that hold police officers accountable for overkill shots, using excessive force, using harassment techniques on citizens who speak out against police brutality, more transparency in there investigations, independent organizations to oversee police shootings and so much more. Last week we discussed the topic: "Mike Brown's Murder Catalyst for Unrest in Ferguson, Part I attached in the link to that show. Please join us August 22, 2014 from 8-10pm CST/9-11pm EST as we will bring you part II of this discussion. If you would like to chime in on this topic Friday night call in and let your voice be heard @ (347 850-8390.
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The death of Ferguson, MO teen Michael "Mike Mike" Brown has become the catalyst for unrest in Ferguson. There has been several days of rioting and protesting in Ferguson following what many are calling the execution style... more

Today the NAACP will meet with the angry residents of Ferguson, MO. This community is in rage after a Ferguson police officer shot Michael Brown, an unarmed teen. After a peaceful rally lastnight riot broke out and several... more

Global health experts have declared the "ebola" epidemic ravaging West Africa an international health emergency that requires a coordinated global approach. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are battling the ebola virus which has also... more

Tonight's segment of Center Stage will spotlight "Hot Topics" in our world of news. We will look at updates in the Eric Garner case. Many are seeing striking similarities in the NYPD cases involving Eric Garner and Irving Mizell. Both... more

This show will look at the tragic and senseless death of Eric Garner. We will seek answers on why police used an outlawed choke hold on a man for no known reason. Blacks both male and female are afraid to encounter police day or night... more

John Ramirez, author of "Out of the Devil's Cauldron: A Journey From Darkness to Light" was our guest. He says he had sold his soul to the DEVIL as part of his training to become the third-ranked high priest of a Satanist cult in New York... more

With there being over 12 million people already in this country illegally, is it fair to open the borders to anyone able to cross it. Who will pick up the cost for their education, temporary housing, healthcare and food. On tonight's segment of... more

This is a re-broadcast of the show titled: "Does the Evidence Prove Trayvon Martin Was Murdered."

Wilmer- Hutchins High School star basketball player Troy Causey Jr., died after being involved in a fight with a roommate. However, it was initially reported that Causey's had been involved in an altercation with two unknown men who fled on... more
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