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The Balanced Approach


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"The Balanced Approach" Talk Radio is for American's seeking responsible solutions in Government, Politics, Economy, and More. Politution = Political Pollution Isn't it time we cleared the air of all this Political Pollution? Let's work together to end Party Politics and put Americans first!

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An Independent endorsed by the Modern Whigs, Alan decided that it was time to bring a collaborative approach to an innovative leader, California. Running for Lt. Governor for the State of California, he endorses independent thinking, ethics... more
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Here it comes! California unemployment is up! California Housing Bubble is a Reality! Nonpartisan and Independent Candidates run for office!

Desmond Thorsson is on the march to unseat encumbent Nancy Pelosi in the race for California's 12th Congressional District seat. He is kicking off his campaign on April 19th in San Francisco, California. For detailed information, go... more

Partisanship has everything to do with the current situation within our own economy. What is it going to take? Independence from cheap politics that has run afowl.

A year to date review of what is going on in Real estate and the Economy. What are we seeing and what can we expect? Other news as it it happens for the week!

It recently came to our attention that someone in Russia threatened to turn the US into Nuclear Dust. That proves the low level of intellegence comiong from behind the Iron Curtain. Lets get make sure we get this right. We have the 2nd... more

Cinco de Mayo is not an American Holiday. However, Americans have enjoyed the festivities! Problem is, the Freedom of Speech and Expression! Get your Tea Shirts ready! Fly those American Flags. Whats your opinion? And finally, our... more

Richard Dreyfuss and TJ O'Hara talk Civics and the 2nd Amendment with Host Dean Latham. An Intellegent Conversation.

Join me and Leaders and Representatives of the Modern Whig Party as we discuss the History, mission and approach to their Methodology, Patriotism, and Centered Approach.

Breaking News out of PHILADELPHIA! A 3rd Party win! Is that a sign of things to come? I will be discussing this and who the Modern Whigs really are! Robert Bucholz is the 1st Whig to win in the city of brotherly love on nearly 160 years!

Obamacare and Taxation! New Book Release on Johnny Carson. The real back story from an insider of Joanne Carson! The Showdown on Captial Hill. Who will be the first to compromise?
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