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2016 Presidential Election - Divine Intervention Meditation

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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We not only have a physical vote on who will become our next President we also get a spiritual vote!  I want to remind you of the power of your Spiritual vote.

Yes, we should do all we can to get out the vote, get people to register to vote and volunteer in anyway you can, BUT we forget the power of the SPIRITUAL VOTE!

God has given us free Will –God will not intervene in our lives or in this 2016 PRESIDENTAL ELECTION unless we ask for help! That is how it works.

Do not sit idly and just say, What’s wrong with America. It must be God’s will. I have no control. I don’t have the power to do anything. I’m going to just go with the flow and try to forget about this craziness. You are a Spiritual light being who is designed to defend all that is good, right and just. Don’t get STUCK and do nothing!

Create a Spiritual Campaign that builds up to Nov.  8th.

1: Every day set aside time to pray, meditate and visualize Divine intervention taking place to dispel the darkness that has taken over in America and for the light to win and for Hilary to become the clear winner as first women President of America. Ask for Angels to be with every man woman and child to heal the darkness in their hearts and souls. Break the darkness Trump stand for and replace it with the Light of God, Love, freedom, Peace, wholeness, unity, growth, hope, truth, goodness, equality, prosperity. Pray for people to wake up and vote for Hillary. Pray for God to protect the Vote!

2: Pray with others – where 2 or more gather there is power

3: Go on Social media and speak out asking for others to pray for Divine Intervention.

4: On Nov 8th hold a Prayer Vigil and pray for Angels to flood America with the Golden light of God. To protect America and the Vote by making Hillary our next President.

Remeber we have free will - so we need to ASK to have Spiritual help - We need it!!!