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Tune in for laughs and and a good time as these two go back and fourth bout everyday topics such as entertainment and everyday life issues. If you like to laugh this is where you need to be tuned into.

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Have you ever eyed someone for months or even years and you think to yourself 'Dammmm I need it" then finally you get it and its like WTF so you fake your way through it just so it can be done and over it. WWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWW... more

So u in a relationship you fall in love you may even have a kid together yall even live together everything is fine..... Or is it? Your a female but your man is a drug dealer hmmm yay or nay? What about if your a guy but ya girl is a stripper can... more

I know its been a while but yall know when i come thru i come the f#%k thru i got so much to say so much is on my mind and its time to vent and get yall comments and opinons i music tea jokes and reads all in one segment so join... more

Did you miss us cuz we def missed yall our 1st show of 2012 and we kicking it off rite wit tons of topics from tv, celebrity news and gossip and regular everyday peoples business i promise you dont want to miss it with special guest Tionna... more

So have you ever came across someone who was really cute nice body but no stlye or needed a haircut or their hair done but you know with a little work you could fix that and make them yours would you do it? LOL tune in and give your... more

Today me and HoneyBlanco will be speaking with DonLadyii of Queen of The Ring Freestyle battles she will answer any questions you may have so tune in........

So how do yall feel bout going out on a date and and then yall go back to the crib and get it in, is that a hoe or what is that called???

We been gone 4 a minute but we baq n full effect sorta like a season premiere we got guest @BillyMinaj in the building (the boy who apparently pissed @NickiMinag Off) by posting past pix. We got news n gossip of course n talk bout our fave... more

Have you ever had someone you thought was your friend turn around and just do something so grimy, like sleep with your lover, or just run you down like a dog and then call you and talk to you like they wasn't just reading you. Well here is the... more

When your are in a relationship there of course r somethings you just don't do. Number 1 thing I'm sure is just unacceptable in any relationship is CHEATING.......But what defines cheating of course sleeping with someone else... more