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Tune in for laughs and and a good time as these two go back and fourth bout everyday topics such as entertainment and everyday life issues. If you like to laugh this is where you need to be tuned into.

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How confident are you about your spouse's honesty? How well do you know your lover? Do you still get jealous? Do you blow up phones when they go out with their friends? Who is it you don't trust, Him/Her or them out there? Let's... more

Days get longer nights get shorter.... Yea summer is approaching so of course you know shit is about to be different. People are going to pop up, some are going to disappear, ice cups & ice cream trucks, cookouts and poom poom... more

?So suppose you have two kids a boy and a girl, and its a two parent household. Which lifestyle would you be able to handle as they hit their teenage years? Dealing with your 16 year old teenage daughter who just found out she's... more

Join us as we talk about the riots in Baltimore, Dancing with the stars 10 year anniversary, Love and hip Hop Atl, Martin Lawrence returning back into the movie business , the hot spots to be this summer and much more. Call in and air... more

So it's 2015 and pretty much everyone is walking around with a cell phone even kids. But what and how is it effecting your personal life tune in vent and listen, has social media ruined a friendship or relationship, do u feel social media is... more

It`s been a little minute yeah I know but we back and we got a lot on our mind, but lemme ask you a question? What do you look for out of your relationship, what's more important "The Loyalty or Wealth" ? Would you rather be with... more

Have you ever eyed someone for months or even years and you think to yourself 'Dammmm I need it" then finally you get it and its like WTF so you fake your way through it just so it can be done and over it. WWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWW... more

So u in a relationship you fall in love you may even have a kid together yall even live together everything is fine..... Or is it? Your a female but your man is a drug dealer hmmm yay or nay? What about if your a guy but ya girl is a stripper can... more

I know its been a while but yall know when i come thru i come the f#%k thru i got so much to say so much is on my mind and its time to vent and get yall comments and opinons i music tea jokes and reads all in one segment so join... more

Did you miss us cuz we def missed yall our 1st show of 2012 and we kicking it off rite wit tons of topics from tv, celebrity news and gossip and regular everyday peoples business i promise you dont want to miss it with special guest Tionna... more