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He Who Has Ears

He Who Has Ears...


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He Who Has Ears... is brought to you by BOLD Ministries, we Believe Our Lord Daily. Our mission is to seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.... Daily scriptual teachings, encouragement and exploration of the word of God by Elder C. E. Pruitt.

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?We were born in sin and God tells us not to sin but He allows the devil to tempt us in ways of temptations which causes us to sin even when we pray for Gods assistance in making the right decisions?

We need to say, pardon me, Lord, for not listening…you have my full attention, and now I ask you, please pardon me! God has promised to give the gift of eternal pardon and salvation to all who would receive it. God has promised... more

Few people realize how important it is to love not just in word, but in deed and in truth. Research experts tell us we communicate only 7% with our words, 35% with our tone of voice and 58% with our actions.

Some of you have been experiencing crazy trials, things that don't even make sense, you've been hit in ways you never expected. And you've been hit harder than ever before. I'm going to tell you, it's not your imagination that is exactly... more

There have been far to many of us, who have been MIA. "Missing in action" or should i say AWOL, absent without official leave for to long, that need to report and actually show up, for active duty! Its so easy to stand idlely by, rather... more

Sometimes we can find it difficult to see God in a situation, but through reading the life of Jesus and seeing that he walked the earth as a man, and believing that he is one with God, we can reach out and trust that God is there to help us... more

I am not against talent and I am not against education and I am not against having a big church. (But the fact is: when I'm going through hell, and the devil is trying to kill me, or kill my family, or kill my ministry) It's not talent that I need,... more

Death is a very scary thought to each and every one of us. I believe that it would be correct for me to say that each and every one here tonight has wondered what death holds in store for themselves. How will I eventually Die? This is a very... more

Hezekiah knew that there were those things that were robbing the affection that belonged to the Lord only, that he had to destroy. Maybe there are some things that are robbing you of your affection.

The King is looking for someone to do his work. Everyone should do it. Anyone could do it. I could do it. You could do it. BUT- will we?
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