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I go by the name of CeceDevoe, I found out about this through a friend of mine who has his on blog talk and thought it would be cool to start my own. Now I don't have just a topic to talk on but I do have a lot of stuff always going on in my mind that I wouldn't mind talking about.

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birthdays, birthdays, birthdys, remembering some of my birthdays.

I have tried who knows how many diets and weight loss pills and still have not really been successful.I'm going to tell what diet and pills i used and if they helped(not really) but maybe its just me.

OMG! I work for a after school care and i had a 4th grade group and did they drive me crazy. I'm going to tell how these 13 9/10 kids almost changed my mind of havng offsprings of my on.

When and where would be the right time to tell your partner your std positive? How long do you think you should wait? Should you let them know on the first date? Before or after sex?

Have you ever thought about it dating someone who looks like your brother,sister,mother,father? Would it feel weird being with this person who suprisingly resembles your 1st cousin? Would it mean that you think of a family... more

I was recently on te birth control depo shots and i just wanted to share my exprience with the birt control option.

I myself would probably be considered bisexual. howwever i don't plan on being married or in a long term relationship with women but i'm attracted to them sexually. On this airing i just wanted to talk about my situation as being bisexual... more

I have a lot of friends who are in n interacil reltionship. now i don't mind i've dated out of my race a few times myself, but what i always see is a white girl and a black guy. i hardley ever see a black girl and white guy. so on this airing i... more

Ok i think i got the hang of this now, last night i was lost as hell i hope i get it right tonight.