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A network exploring life and what it means to be a human on the planet. Anything from social change to quantum physics, CE Radio has something for everyone.

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Tonight we will be talking to the founder of Paradigm Shift Central SkullBabylon. There's a lot on the table to discuss including getting to know SkullBabylon a little better as well as his overall take on what is happening around the planet right... more

The Hollywood Agenda on Lighten Up! Join hosts Wim and Angela as we discuss what's going on behind the scenes of your favorite movies! We'll examine the techniques Hollywood uses to influence our perceptions and control our reality.... more

Tonight on CE Radio we will be welcoming on a guest by the name of Wayne Gendel. Wayne is a health and wellness expert and will be sharing a vast array of resourcful information about overall health. Wayne Gendel is a Life Extension... more

Thursday at 8pm on CE RADIO: All About Love on Lighten Up! Join hosts Wim and Angela as they discuss the true nature of love. Learn the importance of loving yourself and others unconditionally. Allow joy to flow into your life through... more

Members of CE will be on the line with Homeopathic Doctor and Water Expert Dennis Higgins. Dennis is the engineer of the 2 Pure H20 Vita Tech Water System. Viewers will be able to have their questions answered live on the air by... more

nergy Healing tonight on Lighten Up with your hosts Wim and Angela. We'll be talking to a very special guest, gifted energy healer Angela Baldwin. Angela will discuss the nature, philosophy and benefits of energy healing. You'll also hear... more

Tune in to our weekly meditation show geared towards everyone. We talk about the simplicity of meditation and then host a live meditation on air. Our goal is to hold meditations we can all benefit from. Meditations that are grounded, down... more

Tonight on CE Radio we will be talking to an awesome individual who has very much been a system buster in her journey as a mother. Homeschooling her kids, opting them out of vaccines, and going through her own awakening to the... more

Tonight on CE Radio, we will be talking with Watne Gendel. He is a Life Extension Specialist and the developer of the Forever Healthy Life Extension Program. Mr. Gendel has studied health modalities with some of the top... more

Tune in to our weekly radio meditation. The meditations are very open-minded and unstructured. All are welcome. The show will primarily feature a meditation with a brief introduction and a potential Q&A or summary after the meditation... more