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Welcome to the CC Radio Network. We have three shows per week, The Coffee Club - Mondays 9pm- EDT where we discuss politics and news, The Rebellious Rev and The Doc Friday 9PM. Join us for religion and politics and Chad the Challenger with Million Percent Proof God Exists Sat night.

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Another week has come to an end...A week filled with debates and political "skullduggery." In the Republican Party, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie have "called it quits." Well, I guess that means that Trump won't have Carly to kick around anymore, and Chris Christie will not be making ang wisecracks about the "bubbleboy" or the 25 second scripted response about President Clinton. We will also be playing music from "iPluggers." Don't forget that since it is Friday, we will be discussing religion as it pertains to our daily life. Notice that in the "Subject" line, the first thing I mentioned was SEX...Well, I lied!!! Call us at 516-336-8510 and bring the warm coffee...It's cold out there.
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Well fans, we have made it to the end of another week. The Iowa caucases are only 24 days away and things are sure heating up. The Donald is up to his old tricks again, and the Clintons refuse to get embroiled in his type... more

Hey there, folks. Welcome to another installment of "Campaign 2016" and "Religion - Have it your way!" A few firsts happened today...The Donald released his first television advertisement, and former President Clinton (Bubba) gave... more

Well it's 2016 and the year came in quietly. No ISIS attacks or any kind of other disasters. Over a million people were at Times Swuare celebrating the festivities and the NYC police force was out there protecting us all. Donald Trump is still... more

It's Wednesday night and we're here broadcasting a show, or should I say trying. Our last two shows were a technical disaster, so today we are going on try new settings and see if we can do a complete show. We will be be talking about... more

Happy Monday to all our listeners. Both Christmas and the weekend are behind us, but one that has not changed is all the hype about "The Donald". No matter what he says or does his numbers just get higher, and now he is using a little... more

Well, Chirstmas day is almost over, no more chirstmas music till next year. So what does Christmas mean to you??? Join us for a fun discussion about Christmas and what it mean to different people and what different people do on... more

Finally, the debates are over for 2015. So what have we learned about the candidates that we did not know before??? Has anyone actually changed their minds listening to all the candidates tell their story??? That's what we are... more

Welcome to the end of another week , and what a week it has been. The Republican Debate did not disappoint anyone who was watching, and with the news today that the Sanders campaign is suing the DNC over information that... more

It seems that we are in the eye of the storm...Let's get away from tomorrow night's shananigans of the Repbublican Debates and listen to some nice smoothe jazz. Your hosts, Felix and Dr. Marc, two grumpy old men, have decided to shup up... more

Hey loyal listeners, we have made it to the end of the week without any untoward incidents. Chicago residents are exercising their First Amendment rights and protesting the police violence against unarmed people of color...Residents of... more