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Welcome to the CC Radio Network. We have two shows per week, The Coffee Club broadcasting Mondays 9pm EDT where we discuss politics, news and sports.Cal us at 646-595-3275 and have a cup of coffee and chat. Fridays at 9pm EDT it's The Rebellious Rev and The Doc where we discuss religion with a twist. Call at 646-595-3275.

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Consider this, you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and who do you see staring back at you...Barack Obama. Yes, you are the President of the United States. With all the problems happening in our nation and around the world:... more

In past couple of shows we have been having many technicals problems and we are running a test show. During shis show we will be follwing nor format and just wasting time playing music, receiving phone cals from any body who feels like... more

Jew, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist...Do you have "Faith In God?" Statistics are showing that although there is a rise in atheism or agnostics, most people tend to believe in a Supreme Being, a Prime Mover, if you will. We've all heard... more

Richard Nixon, President of the United States, resigns in disgrace over the Watergate Scandal. That could have been the headline forthy years ago of any newspaper across the country. Some of you older folks may remember... more

In a world turned upside down, in a world that can best be seen as man's inhumanity to man, in a world where a suicide occurs every 13 minutes of every day, in a world where children are gunned down in their school, and... more

ISIS/ISIL has eradicated the border between Syria and Iraq. The headlines tell us of genocide, mass murder and beheadings...all in the name of Islam. But not the Islam of the Koran, but the Islam of Jihad! The world seems to be coming... more

Buddha means ?Awakened One?, someone who has awakened and sees things as they really are. According to , a Buddha is a person who is completely free from all faults and mental obstructions. Because he has... more

If you don't get it right you try again and again etc. Well last night we did not do it right so we are trying it again. They reality is stranger than fiction, and we will try to prove it tonight with wierd news and current news which is probably... more

Due to technical difficulties, our show failed to broadcast properly. We apologize to anybody who tried to litsen to our normally scheduled program.. Thank you continued support and we do a special broadcast tomorrow at 9pm. Don't forget... more

How is the headline, "Man bites dog," any different from Louis Gohmert ranting and raving on the floor of Congress??? How are the distortions on FOX NEWS any different from the headline in The National Enquirer, "Man cuts off head... more