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Welcome to the CC Radio Network. We have three shows per week, The Coffee Club - Mondays 9pm- EDT where we discuss politics and news, The Rebellious Rev and The Doc Friday 9PM. Join us for religion and politics and Chad the Challenger with Million Percent Proof God Exists Sat night.

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The GOP is learning a harsh lesson...It was easier to be the "Party of 'NO'" then to be the party in power. With control of the Executive, and both Houses of Congress, they still cannot agree on a comprehensive health care replacement... more

Last weekend our famous, or infamous President, alleged that former President Obama had Trump Tower in New York wiretaped. To date, he has not released any proof to his allegations. If proven true, this could leave the former... more

"The Congress will now come to order," gaveled Speaker Ryan. That was the only time that there was unity in the Halls of Congress! We will say that it was probably the most tame speech that Trump has delivered thus far. However, the... more

CC Radio Network iscalled "Fake News" by the Trump Administration!!! Sean Spicer would not allow "The Doc" into the news "Gaggle" due to the CC News Affiliate's reporting on misstatements and lies by the Trump Administration. "We... more

Trump, by issuing Exective Order after Executive Order, is appealing directly to his base supportes. They love what he is doing. Constantly reinforcing the fact that the "Fourth Estate," the Press delivers phony news to the people... more

Oh the weather outside is frightful...you get the picture. Even though it is not Christmas, hey, let it snow. I would rather think about Christmas rather then speak of the chaos in Washington and the country. There is something wrong with... more

Yes sirree, folks. Not a day goes by without some country or some politician is not in the crosshairs of Trump. Shumer is a clown crying fake tears...Mexico WILL pay for the wall...the refugee agreement with Australia was dumb, and much... more

There once was a Donald named Trump...Who always awoke in a funk...On his phone he did tweet...Things that weren't so sweet...Many people would call him a hump!!! Yes, we are notone week into the "reign of Trump." Have you noticed... more

Tonight with all the news that happened we are going to do a short show. With The Doc visiiting his new grandson, it leaves The Rev by himself to do the show is just not the way we do it. So we are going to play a little music and... more