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Welcome to the CC Radio Network. We have three shows per week, The Coffee Club - Mondays 9pm- EDT where we discuss politics and news, The Rebellious Rev and The Doc Friday 9PM. Join us for religion and politics and Chad the Challenger with Million Percent Proof God Exists Sat night.

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Yes, truer words were never spoken!!! With the world still in chaos, terrorism on the rise, Europe on high alert, and demonstrations on the streets of major cities in the USA, what is one to do??? Some suggest that we are not listening to each... more

Come join me live for a discussion. Christianity vs The World!

Back in the 80's Guns and Roses, with lead singer Axl Rose, had a big hit song, Welcome to the Jungle. Well it seems as though Europe is becoming a jungle, and everyone is worried where and when ISIS will strike again!!! ISIS is... more

I talked to expert creationist Kent Hovind, you don't want to miss out. If you like my show, stay in touch by going to facebook and searching "million percent Proof God Exists." Will be happy to answer all your questions

...Need I say any more ladies and gentlemen!!! As usual, lots to discuss and not enough time to cover it all. Yes, it is Te Rev's Birthday, but he can't remember how old he really is!!! Asfor the rest of us, there is the Republican debate #4 to... more

Welcome back to The Coffee Club with Felix and Dr. Marc. We have lots to discuss, including two successful football teams, a successful hockey team, Dr. Ben Carson coming under scrutiny and The Donald making a ht on SNL!!!... more

Can evolution explain life? Can a world withOUT a God confirm who we are, what we are, and where we are going? My name is Chad the Challenger and tonight I will be tackling , once again, the most important questions people can... more

One of the definitions of an evengalist is "a person marked by evangelical enthusiasm for or support of any group" By this definition athiests as well as christians, muslims and anybody else with a strong belief, can be an evangelist.... more

The second show in a row Dr Marc will not be with us. Today is his wife's birthday (Happy birthday Ellen) and like a good husband he is staying home with her. As you know we call him Dr. Marc for his knowledge and he knows what would... more