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Welcome to the CC Radio Network. We have three shows per week, The Coffee Club - Mondays 9pm- EDT where we discuss politics and news, The Rebellious Rev and The Doc Friday 9PM. Join us for religion and politics and Chad the Challenger with Million Percent Proof God Exists Sat night.

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Yes sir...Here come da judge...Robert Meuller that is!!! Former F.B.I. Director for twelve years under Bush (43) and Obama. He has the endorsement of both Republicans and Democrats. But ths will not be a quick process. It may take a... more

Michael Flynn,Sally Yates, Preet Baharra, James Comey...you're FIRED!!! Does that sound familiar??? Your president ( I refuse to capitalize b/c he does not deserve it) still thinks that he is hosting The Aprentice, and he can make... more

Hey, we made it to another Friday, and we at the Coffee Club have a "mixed bag" to discuss...personal health, healthcare, and of course, "The Donald." We will try to make "heads or tails" out of the proposal that passed the House and... more

No, the end of the Trump Presidency is NOT over; but the first hundtrd days is over tomorrow. Remember all those Trump promises...The Wall, deport illegal immigrants, overturn the Affordable Care Act, reform taxes and the Supreme... more

Folks, you can't make this stuff up!!! We have an "Armada" going the wrong way like "Wrong way Corrigan," Healthcare still being promised by Trump, better then ever before, (remember February), Congree introducing a bill to charge GIs for... more

Rex Tillerson...Rex who??? You remember him, our Secretary of State, the man who has been avoiding reporters, meeting with his Russian counterpart to discuss US/Russian relations, or a lack thereof. The prospects do not seem promising.... more

It's a mad,mad,mad mad, world!!! Just days after Trump and Tillerson said that the United States is resigned to the fact that Bashir al-Assad will remain as the elected leader of Syria, Trump ordered Tomahawk Cruise Missiles to bomb the... more

It's March Madness at the White House!!!

The GOP is learning a harsh lesson...It was easier to be the "Party of 'NO'" then to be the party in power. With control of the Executive, and both Houses of Congress, they still cannot agree on a comprehensive health care replacement... more