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Christ Enlight First Show

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Christ Enlight

Christ Enlight


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THE WAY It's what we called it in the beginning. We were followers of The Way, a new way of life they had been taught by this strange teacher of wisdom and enlightenment who taught in a way that the others could not. He brought us hope, taught us the path to peace and wholeness, and taught us to love. The other teachers eventually had him killed because they saw him as a threat to their power and control, despite the fact that he clearly said that he wanted neither, that he had come to free people. Then the "other concerns" swept in. Suddenly we had to be acceptable to the Roman government, and the stories that were written were changed to accomplish that. Even before that Paul came and started the "Institution." His followers, who wrote in his name, were even worse than he was. Before we knew it The Way was transformed into first a highway, then a toll road, and finally a toll super-highway - all acceptible to the powers that be. It was no longer the way that Yeshua taught. It was no longer about wisdom and mysticism, it was about salvation and life after death. We don't think he would recognize it. When the Institution came they discarded many of our scriptures and kept a few. They added the writings of Paul and his followers. The final blow was when the government finally accepted us. The teachings have never been the same, and the original focus of mysticism, wisdom, and spirituality was all but lost... Christ Enlight is about recovering The Way. It's about getting back in touch with the original path Jesus taught by stripping away all the nonsense added by the Church. It's about the teachings of Jesus - wisdom teachings and enlightenment teachings - that will truly transform your life and move you toward union with the reality of God. The Way teaches and believes in a God who is always loving and healing. Come, experience the difference that occurs when you follow a path that leads to authentic transformation!