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A live radio show to inform those on the opposite end of a totalitarian system.

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Derrick Broze from The Houston Freethinkers, Liberty Beat, and The Conscious Resistance will be joining us as our first guest of the night. Following will be Jeffrey Phillips from AdamVsTheMan with an update on Adam Kokesh.

Join Chris and Derek as they discuss the biggest topics of the week. Guests include Jeff Giles of Major Mindjob and Paul Osborne of Upstate NY Liberty.

Syria, Windham Prison Proposal, Obama & Sex Ed, Fukushima, Troops Protesting Syrian War, & more. We'll be joined by Mike Adamski, Mark Cummings, & other guests tba.

Tonight we're discussing Syria, Fukushima, Manning, Adam Kokesh and more! Andrew Pontbriand from The Resistance Journals will be joining us early in the show and later Paul Osborne from Upstate NY Liberty and Jeffrey Phillips from... more