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Cathy Bennett

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This talk show is a passion of mine and a labor of love--inspired by returning to college later in life. This show is my attempt to bridge the gap between academia and those who have not had the experience of higher education. For me, college is where my true education began! Prior to that, I had only an "operations manual" of life (what was expected of me, what wasn't--the conditioning by society of how I should fit in). Some of us never get beyond that "operations manual," and so don't realize the depth and breadth one's life can have. Going to college opened my eyes to a world I had no idea existed and to the myriad of choices I never imagined awaited me. It is my hope that through these scholarly conversations you will bridge to what is cutting edge knowledge right now, giving you some new insights and practical tools that can make a difference in your own life--well beyond that "operations manual.". This is the latest, college level information on how to connect with others in meaningful ways, and it is at a great price—free! For the 2013-2014 season I will cover some special stories. We all know most media covers gloom and doom on every channel because it sells. Yes, world-wide unrest abounds, yet so does world-wide hope. There is an alternative to the common news story theme of hopelessness and things getting worse. There are other stories...stories of great strides being made toward community and collaboration in many sectors...stories of hope and change...stories of courage and caring, even while to some, all seems lost. This 2013-2014 radio show season focuses on the positive shifts in thinking, doing, and being happening all over through intriguing, small start-ups and research projects. Join me and get inspired by hearing of some glorious new happenings that are shifting the current tired paradigm of gloom and doom to one of new ways of thinking and being in the world.

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Being creative is more than being artistic or musical. It is an approach to living. What if you were invited to project yourself into an imaginative and optimistic future, one that was enjoyable and successful by your standards? What would... more

There are numerous ways to acquire knowledge: listening to lectures; reading and assimilating; relying on one's intuition or gut; through dialogue with others; through personal experience, etc. etc. etc…So what is the big deal about creative... more

What is our real wealth here in the United States? You are probably thinking, okay...she will not be talking about the obvious--money...maybe she is trying a creative way to get us to think about other types of wealth, like natural... more

In another example of what terrific potential small beginnings can have, two Gonzaga PhD candidates approached working with rural coffee farmers on a community development project driven by the local host co-op association,... more

Even amid hopelessness due to never-ending world problems, small coalition building organizations are seeding our future with promise. Regardless of regressive backward steps into oppressive aspects of our cultural prescription... more

Today's show will focus on how much we can influence for good by practicing servant leadership in our everyday lives. The philosophy of servant leadership cuts across so many communication barriers and creates a bridge through... more

A focus on the building community is more popular today within organizations than ever before—mainly because community creates satisfaction and a sense of feeling at home. While most research focuses on the economic... more

Hearing people are constantly bombarded with noise: traffic, sirens, radios, street noise, MP3 players, conversations of those around us, machinery and equipment operation noises, TVs, and on and on. Similarly, people who can see must... more

Being a leader requires a reserve of insightful awareness and foresight and this reserve comes from the practice of self- care. Unfortunately, while many leaders understand this implicitly, they do not practice it, so their leadership suffers. This... more

Servant leadership and Aboriginal alternative education blend well together as a philosophical marriage of traditional and not-so-traditional ways of knowing and learning. Youth at risk in particular can benefit from this holistic approach to... more