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Cathi Watson-Chicago bred & born. A dauntless DYNAMIC DIVA whos goal is to make AGING GLAMOUROUS AND STYLISH IN AMERICA. I HAVE DISCOVERED THE SECRETS TO THE 'FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!' YOUTH IS NOT A CERTAIN TIME IN LIFE, IT'S A WAY OF LIFE. What gets worse with AGE gets better with EXERCISE!. I'm an Exercise Evangelist...Work-out 5-6 days a week. Marathon Stair Climber..Chicago.."Hustle-Up-the-Hancock...94 fls...1,632 stairs, best time 33 min & 22 seconds. Presidential Towers..50 flights March 28, 2010... Unofficial time ...15 minutes...took 4 minutes off of last year time. Advocate on the President;s Council of Physical Fitness & Sports...Earned the Presidential Champions Platinum Award... 1/2 million points on May 28, 2010. Most people go through an exercise phase, I never outgrew mine. EXERCISE IS NOT AN OPTION...IT'S A MUST! Guest on Oprah..."Are you Afraid of Aging" Cathi Watson Dynamic Diva without boundaries! LET'S TALK! 1-800-323-8709

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Last minute dash to Europe. Summer travel is not over even though Labor Day is only 3 days away. Still time to take a Cruise into the Blue. Why not take your dream vacation. Imagine sailing the high seas from Italy to Brazil. Cruising or sailing neither needs to be stuffy. Why not make sailing your next great getaway. Welcome to a new world, see the world on a 54 foot sail boat along with others. Did you know sailing is one of the most primitive and incredible ways to see the world. Cruising, there's a small cluster of islands off the coast of Sicily with no throngs of tourists, no teeming crowds, no traffic jams. Instead what you find is Italy at it's dreamiest, picturesque best. STAY TUNED... Five things smart travelers should be doing...etc. Book a privat yatch in Turkey...etc. Lock in best hotel rooms in Italy for the...etc. Plan an Alaskan Cruise...etc. Keep a journal of memories...etc.
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