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Cathi Watson-Chicago bred & born. A dauntless DYNAMIC DIVA whos goal is to make AGING GLAMOUROUS AND STYLISH IN AMERICA. I HAVE DISCOVERED THE SECRETS TO THE 'FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!' YOUTH IS NOT A CERTAIN TIME IN LIFE, IT'S A WAY OF LIFE. What gets worse with AGE gets better with EXERCISE!. I'm an Exercise Evangelist...Work-out 5-6 days a week. Marathon Stair Climber..Chicago.."Hustle-Up-the-Hancock...94 fls...1,632 stairs, best time 33 min & 22 seconds. Presidential Towers..50 flights March 28, 2010... Unofficial time ...15 minutes...took 4 minutes off of last year time. Advocate on the President;s Council of Physical Fitness & Sports...Earned the Presidential Champions Platinum Award... 1/2 million points on May 28, 2010. Most people go through an exercise phase, I never outgrew mine. EXERCISE IS NOT AN OPTION...IT'S A MUST! Guest on Oprah..."Are you Afraid of Aging" Cathi Watson Dynamic Diva without boundaries! LET'S TALK! 1-800-323-8709

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THE SECOND COMING by THOMAS A. PUTTRICH TATE PUBLISHING... Was the Mayan calender wrong? What happened to the prophecies of Nostradamus and the future events foretold by many seers from the Hopi indians to the Chinese? There is only one man who knows the answer for his discovery in the Yucatan. This discovery begins his world-wide journey to prove what he has known for a year. THE SECOND COMING HAS HAPPENED! STAY TUNED... Father Jonathans' quest begins with...etc. A rare Trinity symbol on the steps of...etc. The Tikal Temple...etc. Four men trek through Europe...etc. The FALL EQUINOX...etc.
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If you can DREAM it, you can accomplish it! DREAMS, series of thoughts or visions during sleep...dreamlike vision. LUCID DREAMS, mentally sound, easily understood. SCARY DREAMS, meant to frighten. DREAMS can be forgettable... more

TOGETHER FOREVER---JUST NOT WHEN WE'RE SLEEPING! Mention separate beds today and most people assume marital troubles, NOT SO. TRUE STORY...Making a case for separate beds...MOM slept in the guest room of the... more

Your relationship, is it toxic, negative. Is it difficult to let go of a toxic relationship. How healthy is your relationship? Did you know toxic relationships affect both men and women of all ages. Signs of a toxic relationship...verbal-emotional abuse,... more

Summer time and the excitement is off-the-wall! Travel plans, vacations. Wheter it's just the two of you or a family affair...Your CHOICE to TRAVEL is a HEALTHY ACTIVITY! According to USA student travel, there are four reasons why travel is... more

BEAUTY IS SLEEP; SLEEP BEAUTY... SLEEP cannot be compromised. It is essential to beauty and health. Pick-Up the you see a wrinkle or wrinkles that weren't there a week ago. What could have changed in your life,... more

IMAGINE a process that takes only minutes a day...a surefire way to be happier! IMAGINE by rewiring your brain you can uncover a happier you. Did you know that happiness results from certain habits that can be sculpted into the... more

Why do some women get more vibrant with time? Is it ATTITUDE...YES, and it's not debatable! TO AGE IS HUMAN, TO NOT SHOW IT IS DIVINE! SURVEY says...America Devalues AGE more than any other country in the World!... more

HOW TO COMMAND A ROOM...whether you're a body-builder, sailor, mountain climber an aging icon you have to know the in's and outs of commanding attention. 'NEVER WASTE AN ENTRANCE OR AN EXIT!' Ze formula, Your... more

THE MEASURE OF LIFE...we can control the length of our life, but we can control the quality, depth and width. Age 30...Twinkling & Thriving...ze form is changing. Age 40...Flashy & Flirting...mid-age crisis for men and women. Age 50...Hey,... more

Can you sail the high seas, can you climb the highest mountain...are you fit enough to do both? For one man, no mountain is too high, no ocean too wide and at age 78, he's still climbing. Can you visualize YOU climbing and reaching... more