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Cathi Watson-Chicago bred & born. A dauntless DYNAMIC DIVA whos goal is to make AGING GLAMOUROUS AND STYLISH IN AMERICA. I HAVE DISCOVERED THE SECRETS TO THE 'FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!' YOUTH IS NOT A CERTAIN TIME IN LIFE, IT'S A WAY OF LIFE. What gets worse with AGE gets better with EXERCISE!. I'm an Exercise Evangelist...Work-out 5-6 days a week. Marathon Stair Climber..Chicago.."Hustle-Up-the-Hancock...94 fls...1,632 stairs, best time 33 min & 22 seconds. Presidential Towers..50 flights March 28, 2010... Unofficial time ...15 minutes...took 4 minutes off of last year time. Advocate on the President;s Council of Physical Fitness & Sports...Earned the Presidential Champions Platinum Award... 1/2 million points on May 28, 2010. Most people go through an exercise phase, I never outgrew mine. EXERCISE IS NOT AN OPTION...IT'S A MUST! Guest on Oprah..."Are you Afraid of Aging" Cathi Watson Dynamic Diva without boundaries! LET'S TALK! 1-800-323-8709

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What risks have you taken in your life? What challenges have you met face-up? Have you climbed any mountains? Have you dog-sled across frozen terrains a thousand miles long? Have you embraced getting a tatoo-THINK BEFORE YOU INK! Have you heard about DareDevil Seniors-from London, Seniors spinning on benches, swinging from metal bars and balancing off raised edges-all elements of a DareDevil Discipline known as 'PARKOUR.' Are you ready, introducing 'FREE DIVING,' a sport where competitors plunge, sometimes lashed to weighted sleds, hundreds of feet below the Ocean's surface without supplemental air, no oxygen tanks, nada. STAY TUNED... Mountain climbing clubs...etc. Dog-sledding...etc. Tattoo taboo...etc. Learn about PARKOUR...etc FREE DIVING-balancing underwater...etc.
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