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Cathi Watson - Simply Ageless


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Cathi Watson-Chicago bred & born. A dauntless DYNAMIC DIVA whos goal is to make AGING GLAMOUROUS AND STYLISH IN AMERICA. I HAVE DISCOVERED THE SECRETS TO THE 'FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!' YOUTH IS NOT A CERTAIN TIME IN LIFE, IT'S A WAY OF LIFE. What gets worse with AGE gets better with EXERCISE!. I'm an Exercise Evangelist...Work-out 5-6 days a week. Marathon Stair Climber..Chicago.."Hustle-Up-the-Hancock...94 fls...1,632 stairs, best time 33 min & 22 seconds. Presidential Towers..50 flights March 28, 2010... Unofficial time ...15 minutes...took 4 minutes off of last year time. Advocate on the President;s Council of Physical Fitness & Sports...Earned the Presidential Champions Platinum Award... 1/2 million points on May 28, 2010. Most people go through an exercise phase, I never outgrew mine. EXERCISE IS NOT AN OPTION...IT'S A MUST! Guest on Oprah..."Are you Afraid of Aging" Cathi Watson Dynamic Diva without boundaries! www.cathiwatson.net LET'S TALK! 1-800-323-8709

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When and where did it all begin...what you're about to witness is not just about the History of Ironworkers but a modern interpetation, an analogy of blending the Classic Call of the Classics that is compared to the dedication and artistry of IRONWORKERS-BALLET ON THE BEAM! It all began on Tuesday, Feb 4, 1896 when delegates from Boston, Chicago, Buffalo, New York, Pittsburgh and Cleveland met at Moorehead's Hall at the corners of Second and Grant Streets in Pittsburgh. Many of the delegates stayed at the nearby St. Charles Hotel at the Corner of Third and Wood Street. Although our UNION was founded on that day the story and struggle of workers in North America and in the World has been a long one. STAY TUNED... Setting the Stage...etc. Unions were alright in the past but...etc. IRONWORKERS go back to biblical times...etc. World's first written code of law...etc. VULCAN, the GOD of FIRE and IRON...etc. s J
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