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Welcome to my point of view with host Dougie Slap

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
cathies DistantEchos

cathies DistantEchos


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Ah, yes... so many pretenders masqurading as if they know!!! Truth is the personalizing of what is real. There is also what is All Encompassing and what is infinite. There is the etchnique of inverse reversal. Do you know what inverse reversal is and how it works? Inverse reversal creates the universe and every form of holograph... including your body. Inverse reversal exists as binary vibrancy. Got to love it. Love is to understanding, what light is to wisdom. These determine what our life is humanly. There is God and universe, divinity and deity, love and light, pos and neg, mom and dad, mas and fem, feeling and thinking, experience and expression, reality and truth, being and knowing, path as purpose, issuess and talents, I amness, human beingness and self ego. These make us who we are now here being. Humanness evolves until it collectively ascends as the Christ, which is the oneness of who we are now. We humanize God and universe into one state composed of four parts: mind, body, spirit, and soul. The path as how one becomes conscious of them and then shares them with others. We only exist to contribute to others humbly and transparently. Having fun is also an option. One day humanity will join the universal community as a "social memory complex." Until then enjoy who you are in the moment.