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Call in number to speak with the host(347) 855-8164 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nick and I are the founders of Cathies DistantEchos and proud and very blessed with the many hosts and honored guests associated with us..thank you and special thanks always to the listeners for without you we wouldnt have a show.. god bless xoxoxox nick aka bright sorcerers blog site "THE RAZIEL REMNANTS" ... http://therazielremnants.wordpress.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ come join 2 hosts and founders, cathie and nick along with hosts (Quinni,Brenda Tenerelli ,Dr.Lou, Professor Phil, Lins Harrison, Riana George, Candy O'Donnell, Barbara King, Dougie Slap, Curtis Michaels formally known as Archmessenger, Basayda Dorrell, Christine Griffith, Julie & Mark Vaughan, Nick Nash & myself )and honored guests on a beautiful spiritual journey every week and weekend!!!! we are all equal~~ this show is listed under paranormal..why you ask since we deal highly with spiritual? paranormal consist of so many things in this world out of the normal way of thinking... ghosts, ufo's,OBE's,recordings, photo's,cryptozoology,metaphysics,the universe, god, angels, and so much more that cant be explained so welcome to us all learning together on this paranormal plain and god bless!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WE ARE TRULY BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH WONDERFUL PEOPLE A PART OF OUR SHOW..THANK YOU AND THANK YOU TO ALL OUR LISTENERS FOR YOUR SUPPORT...GOD BLESS ~~~~ down at the bottom of the page ...to view video's and books w/links click onto EXTRAS

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Flying with Angels.Host Lins Harrison and co-host Riana George .. call in number to speak to Lins or Riana push 1 on keypad) or to listen: (347) 855-8164 Please join us as we share information and stories about Angels If you have an angel story to share please call in. We love to hear about your angelic experiences. Please join Cathie Bradshaw, co-founder of Cathies Distant Echos, Lins and Riana for a fun and informative show. Riana and I will be giving Free intuitive Angel Tarot card readings for callers. Come and enjoy the chatroom fun and banter. We look forward to seeing you. Cathies Distant Echos, Facebook Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/112690372148470/ Riana's website http://www.healing-handssanctuary.co.uk/ Flying with Angels, Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/684347924975453/
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Life is either controlled manipulation or creative manifestation. Fear only controls. Love only creates. Humanly our lives divide between love or fear. There is also the ego and what it feels about itself and all else. yes there are those... more

What does the ending of the world involve and mean? Depends upon one's perspective and soul purpose. Three things are involved. They are positive service polarity, negative service polarity, and arbitrariness, which repeats third density... more

It is a useful question to ask: "What is the point of existing humanly?" Everyone will answer this question differently. Depending upon where one is at determines the answer. There is energy as both positive and negative ideals, like male... more

Nick Nash (show "Astral Musing"), Riana George & Lins Harrison (show "Flying with Angels"), Bea Martin & David Johnson ("Bards of Avalon") & Cathie Bradshaw will discuss many things on Atlantis & if the time permits other things... more

It is actually THE ONLY question anyone needs to ask and answer at this time. It is: "Am I going to repeat thrid density?" Many people have told me that they know that this is their last life time on and with this planet, but what they do not... more

Flying with Angels.Host Lins Harrison and co-host Riana George .. call in number to speak to Lins or Riana (push 1 on keypad) or to listen: (347) 855-8164 Please join us as we share information and stories about Angels If you have an angel... more

What exactly is human beingness? It is and pertains to what most of humanity denies and denigrates. There is a lot of false doctrine people believe in that is contrary to and antagonistic to living and being human. Both science and... more

Seeing signs, symbols and signals ??? Join myself, along with Cassandra and Joyelle, as well as our special guest Nick Nash ! Yes, it's a discussion about messengers, and dream symbolism as well as real life symbols ... totally a gut... more

Life is what we make it out to be as our life that involves both positive and negative energy as what is humanly at this level of existence. People do not understand this currently for all sorts of reasons. Fear, guilt, arrogance, and... more
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