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Call in number to speak with the host(347) 855-8164 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nick and I are the founders of Cathies DistantEchos and proud and very blessed with the many hosts and honored guests associated with us..thank you and special thanks always to the listeners for without you we wouldnt have a show.. god bless xoxoxox nick aka bright sorcerers blog site "THE RAZIEL REMNANTS" ... http://therazielremnants.wordpress.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ come join 2 hosts and founders, cathie and nick along with hosts (Quinni,Brenda Tenerelli ,Dr.Lou, Professor Phil, Lins Harrison, Riana George, Candy O'Donnell, Barbara King, Dougie Slap, Curtis Michaels formally known as Archmessenger, Basayda Dorrell, Christine Griffith, Julie & Mark Vaughan, Nick Nash & myself )and honored guests on a beautiful spiritual journey every week and weekend!!!! we are all equal~~ this show is listed under paranormal..why you ask since we deal highly with spiritual? paranormal consist of so many things in this world out of the normal way of thinking... ghosts, ufo's,OBE's,recordings, photo's,cryptozoology,metaphysics,the universe, god, angels, and so much more that cant be explained so welcome to us all learning together on this paranormal plain and god bless!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WE ARE TRULY BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH WONDERFUL PEOPLE A PART OF OUR SHOW..THANK YOU AND THANK YOU TO ALL OUR LISTENERS FOR YOUR SUPPORT...GOD BLESS ~~~~ down at the bottom of the page ...to view video's and books w/links click onto EXTRAS

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FREE READINGS Please welcome Andrew Dee : Thanks to Lizzy Star for mentioning our show to him..... Andrew Dee is an International Spirit Medium and Psychic. He has now completed 2 sell out tours of the UK and has appeared regularly on radio & TV...Spirit Medium Andrew Dee is here to guide you towards your own divine life's purpose, even if you do not know what it is. . he also does Skype or Phone Psychic Readings as well as a free pod cast... please, when you find the time after a reading from Andrew go to his page and leave him a Testimonial....but who better to hear about who he is and what he represents better than Andrew himself .... from his youtube site, here is a little more about him... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo9IZ-x9zIg#t=199 . his youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6HLs_I4BE8O8PJVG0MiC2Q Andrew's website: http://www.andrewdee.com/ http://www.andrewdee.com/about-me/ Andrew's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrewdeemedium his next "The Soul Man Tour" will be at: Solihull (£14) 08/05/2015
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Dining with Spirits ! Yep, that's what I said :) Do spirits talk about what they are doing now that they have made the leap to the other side ? Oh boy do they lol. Come join me and let's talk about what life on the other side is like, at least... more

Life is what we make it out to be as our life for our purpose of being human. It is fun, challenging, and inspiring. make the most of it.

Flying with Angels.Host Lins Harrison and co-host Riana George & special guest Archangel Raphael .. call in number to speak to Lins or Riana push 1 on keypad) or to listen: (347) 855-8164 Welcome Back Archangel Raphael, Please... more

It all started by me telling Slider that WD-40 was mostly fish oil. Boy, was I wrong! From there, this show developed. What urban legends have we heard about that we thought were true but actually weren't became the topic of this show. Join... more

Yeah, yeah, we've heard them all . . . or so we think. This week we're going to present some very famous UFO stories from around the world, but also we'll sprinkle in some not so famous interesting stories. We'll be discussing our own... more

Everywhere I go... Nowadays ghosts, spirits are just a accepted part of our lives. Thru media, such as tv, internet, and radio the paranormal field has become a field of entertainment more than of respect and research. I love all things... more

Life is what we make it out to be as our life. Infinity allows for anything, so anything goes. The test or ask at hand is to allow, accept, acknowledge, appreciate, and apporve of all oher ways people are being. Not easy to do in... more

Join us this Thursday, April 2nd, at 5:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Central and 10:00 PM UK. We're running an hour show this week, but it will be jam-packed with weird stories from around the world! You know what Slider's World Wide Weird... more

Aruhatala, a woman from Telos, has come to help us release our blocks, heal our wounds, and evolve, with an emphasis on personal and planetary ascension. Her amazingly insightful fifth dimensional teachings have assisted many people.... more
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