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Call in number to speak with the host(347) 855-8164 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nick and I are the founders of Cathies DistantEchos and proud and very blessed with the many hosts and honored guests associated with us..thank you and special thanks always to the listeners for without you we wouldnt have a show.. god bless xoxoxox nick aka bright sorcerers blog site "THE RAZIEL REMNANTS" ... http://therazielremnants.wordpress.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ come join 2 hosts and founders, cathie and nick along with hosts (Quinni,Brenda Tenerelli ,Dr.Lou, Professor Phil, Lins Harrison, Riana George, Candy O'Donnell, Barbara King, Dougie Slap, Curtis Michaels formally known as Archmessenger, Basayda Dorrell, Christine Griffith, Julie & Mark Vaughan, Nick Nash & myself )and honored guests on a beautiful spiritual journey every week and weekend!!!! we are all equal~~ this show is listed under paranormal..why you ask since we deal highly with spiritual? paranormal consist of so many things in this world out of the normal way of thinking... ghosts, ufo's,OBE's,recordings, photo's,cryptozoology,metaphysics,the universe, god, angels, and so much more that cant be explained so welcome to us all learning together on this paranormal plain and god bless!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WE ARE TRULY BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH WONDERFUL PEOPLE A PART OF OUR SHOW..THANK YOU AND THANK YOU TO ALL OUR LISTENERS FOR YOUR SUPPORT...GOD BLESS ~~~~ down at the bottom of the page ...to view video's and books w/links click onto EXTRAS

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humanness divides between positive and negative service polarity that begins with each life existing as an arbitrary state of being. people choose what to be and know humanly as their life, which is whatever. people choose to feel pain and fear or joy and love. life takes work to evolve and enjoy.all anyone does is feel, sense, think, and envision who they are as. It is essential to contribute to others without being selfish and callas. Most fail to get to this level of being. Welcome to my point of view.
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Human beingness is a created state of being that was brought to life by a Bestower God. Our Cretor has the name Yahweh. id is the name of what brought us to light through its spirit. The reason we do not know this is due to... more

Ah the experience of being human on a planet. Makes one wonder at times what is it all about? The good news is each of us determines the what's so about God, life, self, and all that is. One's life can be very positive or very negative, or just... more

Flying with Angels. 5 Years Anniversary Show Host Lins Harrison and co-host Riana George .. call in number to speak to Lins or Riana push 1 on keypad) or to listen: (347) 855-8164 Come and join us for our 5 years Anniversary show. With... more

Humanly people do not realize that being is perfect as it is. We are also complete as we are now here being. This is difficult for people tp realize and accept about living humanly. Energy exists as positive, neutral, and negative. What we do is... more

They are very rampant- conspiraciy theories. It is as if they are ONLY what is going on here. Positive Sources do there part in off setting anything/everything negativity seeks to accomplish humanly. Negativew sources are only interested... more

There is often a misguidance that comes with life lived humanly. Many people exist for all the wrong reasons. Almost everyone has died having missed the point in/with being human. There is both positive and negative energy to be and... more

Death is onoly possible when one refuses to live a viable spiritual practice that is unique. Ascension is taking the body with when one goes.

Death is proof that individuality does not actually exist. It is also the disparity between what is as what is not- the ego/body gestalt. Death also shows everyone that who has died was lacking a viable and unique spirituality this is the... more

It is the great assumption people make humanly- that everyone will die eventually, but this is erroneous. Ascension is the flip side of death that only occurs when one has a spiritual practice that is unique and corresponds to life as it is as the... more
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