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Casual Kiss is a collection/clique/group of horror/sci-fi/entertainment/movie/gaming fans who don't quite fit into a mold of any kind, so they made their own. There is everyone else, and then there are those people that don't quite really make sense. People that may never be in the same room together, or are likely to ever interact in life. That would be us. Join us as we dedicate about an hour of our lives during the dark late hours, coming together to give you all out blabbing. We talk to you live about everything movies/music/entertainment/etc. Not a typical guest/celebrity invite/structured show. Instead it is a show by the fans, some former fans, and random people who have nothing better to do at night, so they get together for their favorite hobby: blabbing. Join us for at times incoherent ranting, some structured topics that try to sound relevant, and all jokes aside, silly fun, as we celebrate people from all different backgrounds, colors & yes, IQ levels, all on one show, where they pretty much get to blab. Welcome to The Casual Kiss. (We are done for the run, and have presented quite a bit of material. May be back in the future. If not, enjoy the podcasts!) --absolutely no drama themed podcasts --equal opportunity podcasting

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we talk about health conditions that you wouldn't want to have & why people fear them.

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A continuation of the original CATS show, where I talk more about my experiences with cats, play more clips for you and enjoy a break from all the serious topics with this ever so pleasant topics of cats. I welcome callers,... more

We're back with an all new Matt's House 3, where we celebrate all things Matt, and revisit Thousand Oaks CA, and see what he has to tell us, share with us, and teach us including more questions specifically geared to him, as we start off... more

I take this special opportunity & time to talk about some of my favorite animals in the entire world. Cats. I absolutely & wholeheartedly love cats, and I will talk about them, some types of cats you should definitely consider yourselves, my own... more

We are back, part of our up-all-night demon fest, with Demons 10, as we talk about possessions, oppressions, exorcisms, playinig clips/discussing the subject matter at hand, and really diving deep within the topic. Listen in to hear stories... more

and we're back on DEMONS 9 as we talk about THE OCCULT, on a very special up-all-night demon fest marathon show. We live nothing to the imagination in these very special episodes dedicated just for you, as we show our special love... more