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Discussions about ALL paranormal subjects - ghosts, UFO's, Cryptozoology, etc. From a skeptical and scientific approach.

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Join your host, Christina Barber and her co-host, Scott Barber and a special guest Joey Ward of West GA Paranormal, as they talk about the different gadgets and technology used in modern ghost investigations. We'll discuss everything from... more

Join your host, Christina Barber, and her co-host and resident skeptic, Scott Barber, as they discuss scientific paranormal investigation. How do you use the scientific method to investigate claims of the paranormal? Is that even possible?... more

Join your host, Christina Barber and co-host, Scott Barber as they discuss professionalism in the paranormal industry. Unfortunately, the industry seems rife with in-fighting, mud slinging and bullying, placing the paranormal industry into... more

The big 'S'. Skeptics have always been considered taboo, or not welcomed to disucss ghostly theory. But do they and should they have a place when conducting a paranormal investigation? Join your host, Christina Barber, and... more

Theory of the afterlife is found in just about every religion throughout the world. But is a religious belief necessary for a belief in ghosts? Are ghosts just an extension of our soul, or are they something else? Join your host, Christina and... more

Join Casebook: Paranormal, and your host Christina Barber as well as guest, Mark as they discuss the different paranormal theories that they have seen and use on their investigations. Is every place that looks creepy haunted? And... more

Join your host, Christina Barber, and her guests as they discuss 'Do you need an electrician or an exorcist?!?!' Her guests include house skeptic, Scott Barber, as well as author and paranormal researcher, Allan Gilbreath. Lots of... more

Join your host, Christina Barber, and Mark and Renea, as they explore, Senoia, Georgia, home to the television show, The Walking Dead! Yesterday the team had an interesting investigation of the Senoia Historical Society. And if time... more

Join your host, Christina Barber, as she and resident skeptic, Scott Barber discuss UFO's. In particular they will talk about a recent article in the news regarding UFO's and cattle mutilations. Discussion about 'news' worthy stories and the... more

Join your host, Christina Barber, as she talks with her guest, Scott Barber, Casebook: Paranormal's resident skeptic! Can your mind play tricks, or is what you are seeing real and untainted information? Also, why do so many... more
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