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Carson's Corner is a weekly progressive radio show which can be heard on Blogtalk Radio. Tune in to hear host Bob Carson give you the most honest, well-informed, and passionate commentary from the progressive point of view ANYWHERE on the dial. Carson's Corner can also be heard on The Commons Project Network dot com. For more information, please visit their website at Another place to catch Carson's Corner is, where Carson's Corner is one of the top progressive podcasts in the country. As if that isn't enough, Carson's Corner the award-winning MMA show can be heard on this channel. Working in conjunction with Cage Junkies dot com, Bob delivers the very best in MMA interviews. Tune in to find out why Carson's Corner was voted 2009 "MMA Talkshow of The Year."

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On this edition of Carson's Corner, we welcome advocates from the election boycott movement, Terri Lee, Danny Haiphong, and Chris Driscoll. Terri was the co-coordinater of the Campaign to Boycott the 2012 Presidential Election. Danny is a blogger for Black Agenda Report and the author of ?Making the Case for an Election Boycott: Why the Left Should Refrain from US Imperialism's Electoral Charade.? Chris was the media director and spokesperson for the 2008 Ralph Nader campaign for president and the 2006 Populist Party candidate for governor of Maryland. Since the 1950s Americans increasingly stoped voting. Even in the historic 2008 Obama election with a record number of African Americans and youth turning out, only 58 percent voted. In non-presidential Congressional elections, less than 40 percent vote. While voting advocates charge apathy and lazyness, most nonvoters say they are fed up with a currupt government and elections with no reasonable choice. In recent elections, non-voters have been the majority, and if they had been a political party, would have been by far the largest party in America. The loss of faith in the government is not only reflected in low voter turnout; the most recent Gallop Poll found only 7 percent have a positive view of Congress. Laws restricting third party participation, an elections system that favors money over votes, a two-party system that has no room for any other than the official liberal and conservative ideologies, a Supreme Court that protects the right of billionaires to buy elections and politicians. Why bother, the majority of Americans ask as they throw their hands up in exasperation with a system that just doesn't work for them. Our guests will be discussing how a group of dedicated activists are working to turn this American majority into a powerful, vocal movement to forge change and bring about a genuine democracy.
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On-Demand Episodes

On this edition of Carson's Corner, we will discuss the latest book by Ralph Nader, Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance To Dismantle The Corporate State. Bob will discuss various important concepts of this book and... more

On this episode of Carson's Corner, Bob expands further on some of the Zeitgeist Movement analysis regarding our market and monetary system- analysis not given in our corporate media. Plus, Bob will discuss some Boycott the... more

On this edition of Carson's Corner, we welcome Harry Cason of the Zeitgeist Movement to the show. Here is some more info on Harry Cason and why he joined the movement: Harry Cason has been teaching political science at the... more

On this edition of Carson's Corner, Bob discusses the lastest example of right-wing violence. Two white supermacist/tea party sympthasizers, walked into a pizza restuarant in Las Vegas and shot and killed two police officers, and then... more

On this episode of Carson's Corner, Bob discusses the recent Left Forum, which he and Pinko The Bear attended. As expected, many panel discussions took place beyond the scope of the corporate media. Bob will discuss some... more

On this MMA version of Carson's Corner, Bob speaks to legendary New Jersey MMA fighter, Eddy Rolon. Now the owner of a gym called Team Endgame, Eddy will join Bob tonight to reflect upon his MMA career and his unique life... more

On tonight's edition of Carson's Corner, Bob discusses dog whistle politics, how race continues to direct our politics. Mostly, based on the work of Ian Haney Lopez, Bob discusses some key concepts discussed in the book. Also, Bob will... more

On this very special edition of Carson's Corner, as part of The Commons Project Network dot com, we welcome back our old friend Frank Schaeffer to Carson's Corner. Frank's new book, WHY I AM AN ATHEIST WHO BELIEVES IN GOD:... more

On this MMA edition of Carson's Corner, we bring you updates with Eric Prindle and Dan Quinn.

On this episode of Carson's Corner, in conjunction with the Commons Project Network dot com, we welcome Howard Kleinhendler to the show. Howard is the 2014 Democratic candidate for New Jersey's 3rd Congressional District. A... more
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