CARPE DIEM Dr Loraine Goodwin

CARPE DIEM Dr. Loraine Goodwin


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I believe in living a joyous life and I want to share thoughts and commentary with you. I will talk about politics, food, health, law, personalities, media, TV...the WORKS and you can call me

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Garamendi is right NBC comcast wins Tiger out Job scams

Edwards wants to skip jail to "be with his kids."

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter (aka Jayla) Bath salts - k2 and Kayla

Why addictions are so hard Identity theft

Denham spoke to valley on 2-22-2011

Egyptians throw Mubarak OUT!!! Mauling Happy Valentine's Day YouTube: Vote4Goodwin Channel Email:

From American slavery to Pakistan killings, women must be protected. Oprah show talks of parental child sex slavery.

General Vang Pao and his Hmong followers regarding the war in Laos Can Vang Pao be buried in Arlington? Are you safe? Health Care Reform. Health Care is a RIGHT and I support President Obama's Health Care Reform Bill.

Hmong community grieves for passing of leader.
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