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The Upcoming Special Report: Death of a Pop Icon: Revisiting the Death of the King of Pop

  • by Carlotta Chatwood
I am so excited about the special show we have coming this week!! The Carlotta Chatwood show will do a special report for the next few months on the death of Michael Jackson. It will be seperate from our weekly shows that come on... more

Join the Carlotta Chatwood Show when we talk movies and The Academy Awards with film Critic Shawn Edwards. Shawn has interviewed everyone from Will Smith to Denzel Washington. We will discuss his upcoming documentary "The... more

Tune into the Carlotta Chatwood show this week!! Our topic of the day is Child Support. Are you paying too much or you getting way too little? Maybe you are getting nothing at all. It is far to common that we hear both Men and Women... more

Start your Saturday mornings with The Carlotta Chatwood show. Join us every Saturday @ 11:00am for lively discussions and hot topics. This week we will wrap up Black History month with a discussion on Black leadership and Black... more

Join the CC show has we discuss Tiger Wood's press conference and the race implications of this media blitz on the golfer. Many famous and powerful men cheat so what is behind all the damaging press on Tiger? Call into the show live... more

We are back with a new show. Please join my co-host and I as we talk politics, celebrity news and the topic of the day"When are you considered a hater?". Plus info on our Grammy Awards pre-show. Join in our discussion by calling into... more

What happen on June 25th 2009 to Michael Joesph Jackson? Many questions still surround the icon's untimely demise. However their are some who believe the reason for the mysteries surrounding his death point to one thing and one thing... more

The Carlotta Chatwood show welcomes one of the most powerful voices in relationships and self-love to the show. Her videos on relationships have received over a 100,000 hits on you tube. Her influence continues to grow. Join The... more

Some of Youtube's most famous Death Hoax video makers will be on to discuss they're belief in the Conspiracy that MJ faked his death. You be the judge. Plus the latest celebrity gossip and music.

this is a tribute to Michael Jackson from fans. Fans discuss the movie This is it