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Join the crew as we discuss today's music versus the old school. We are asking our listners to join in the discussion by calling into the show and sharing your thoughts on this subject and more. We also discuss celebrity news, the Grammy... more

The Grammy Award show is tommorow night!!!! Join us live for the pre show as we talk about the Nominees and the big MJ tribute. One of our favorite MJ death hoax investigator drops by and talks about the Grammy tribute to MJ. So please... more

My Commentary before the Grammy PreShow and the Lauryn Hill vs. Beyonce question. Should Beyonce have been nominated for ten grammy awards? My commentary may surprise you.

We are back with a new show. Please join my co-host and I as we talk politics, celebrity news and the topic of the day"When are you considered a hater?". Plus info on our Grammy Awards pre-show. Join in our discussion by calling into... more

Catching up on the latest in Entertainment,News and Events. Michael Jackson News Haiti Relief Monique wins Golden globe

The Carlotta Chatwood Show is being revamped and I wanted to share with our listeners some news regarding the show.

Join the Carlotta Chatwood Show as we look back at the year 2009 all the good, bad, ugly and big surprises that left us scratching our heads. Plus we will sound off on current news of the day and why we are seduced by the Tiger Woods... more

What happen on June 25th 2009 to Michael Joesph Jackson? Many questions still surround the icon's untimely demise. However their are some who believe the reason for the mysteries surrounding his death point to one thing and one thing... more

The Carlotta Chatwood show welcomes one of the most powerful voices in relationships and self-love to the show. Her videos on relationships have received over a 100,000 hits on you tube. Her influence continues to grow. Join The... more

We will discuss Celebrity News, AMA's and more big news of the week.