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Join us this Saturday for our "Year In Review" coutdown. We will discuss some of the wild moments in pop culture , events that changed our world, movies we loved & a whole lot more that went down in 2013. Plus we will discuss our crazy... more

It's our Holiday Show and all the crew will be back this Saturday with great discussion. We will be discussing the controversial statements Jim Brown Discussed on the Arsenio Hall Show about some atheletes like Kobe Bryant .... more

Join us for the latest in pop culture and more for our Hot Topics Saturday. Tomorrow show will be shorter than usual but we still have great tea & talk so make sure you join us.

The CCShow is back this week with the latest Hot Topics ! We got so much to talk about, but here are just a few topics: 1. Why are Black Women having such a hard time finding love? New information in a poll for online dating says Black... more

This week's Question of the Day is Who holds the most influence? Michelle Obama or Kim Kardashian? This week Kanye West implied in an interview that his fiance,Kim K was more influential than the first Lady of the United States!... more

Join us tomorrow when the Doctor joins the crew and answers some of your questions on health & wellness. Plus we are talking relationships tomorrow. Would you tell a friend if their significant other was cheating on them? Would you... more

It's Hot Topics Saturday & we are discussing everything from the latest news events to pop culture. Here are just a few of the topics up for discussion this week: 1. The government shut down- Is Congress pissing you off ? Call in & tell... more

This week Question of the Day is about the success stories we see in society today & the criticism some may take because of their success. Are we harder on "Successful People"? Do we make judgments against them & their success... more

Our question of the day this week is a good one: Do y'all still like Good Girls or are The Bad girls winning? There was once a time when a man wanted to marry & take home a good girl with values & morals to his Momma. However, does... more

Join the CCShow this week & get in on our often thoughtful and humorous conversations. This week our Question of the Day stems from that one guy or girl who claims to be a rapper all the time but the rap gigs are few & far between for... more