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On the run Tour Review

Join of us for a great show this Saturday. Carlotta is giving a review of Jay Z & Beyonce's "On The Run" Tour. She will tell you the best moments of the tour and her read on what the chemistry really is like between the superstar couple on... more

This week the CCshow is introducing a new segment titled "Dream Makers" where we will talk to the creator of the magazine, Thrifty Hunters. We will talk about how she made her dream come true of creating a magazine and hopefully inspire... more

Is "Money" the kryptonite to Black people's movement against racism, injustice & white supremacy? Are we willing to give up our power, self-respect for a few dollars? Do we constantly sell-out our culture because we are ruled by money?... more

Join us live tonight for a special edition of the CCShow. It is the BET Awards Review.

Is Black Love under attack from the media and society? Does a loving Black Couple have a target on them? This is just a couple of questions we are asking for our question of the day this week. Tune in and tell us what you think.... more

Tune In for our Questions of the Day this week:Black Hair Care Industry: Does it matter to you who and where you buy products from? Do you notice the lack of black owned hair care shops that are so personally geared towards... more

This week the Arsenio Hall was cancelled by it's distributor CBS after it was promised a second season. Arsenio Hall is a legend in late night tv and is the basic template for what we see today with the Fallon's & the Kimmel's of late... more

Tune In this Saturday when we discuss the rise of the male bitch. Why are men becoming so bitchy nowadays? From everything to the way they dress to relationships and more, some men are taking the bitchy route. What is going on... more

Join me live tomorrow when we discuss our book choice of the month "Instincts" by Bishop Jakes. Join in our question of the day: How has Instincts played a role in your life? Also, I get to talk w/Bishop Jakes a couple weeks back at his... more