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During the civil rights era black americans stood against racial injustice and severe oppression. Today we have been ingrafted or intergrated into they system where some have higher wages, better jobs, homes, you name it, but have we really dealt with the injustices of racism? Have we just learned how to be comfortable under the system of white supremacy? In today's world we have more things, but less money. Most Black People are still living paycheck to paycheck and some say the black middle class is a myth. Entrepreneurship is still in the Black Community. Race Relations in Post -Obama America appears to have gotten worst.Which brings us to our Question of the Day: Has Black America lost it's voice? Have we been hijacked by the so called new black who are content with racial injustice as long as they are provided the illusion of inclusion? Call in and share with us your thoughts. Plus we will have the latest news and events in pop culture & more. So tune in this Saturday @12:30 PM CST
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Join us live tonight for a special edition of the CCShow. It is the BET Awards Review.

Is Black Love under attack from the media and society? Does a loving Black Couple have a target on them? This is just a couple of questions we are asking for our question of the day this week. Tune in and tell us what you think.... more

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This week the Arsenio Hall was cancelled by it's distributor CBS after it was promised a second season. Arsenio Hall is a legend in late night tv and is the basic template for what we see today with the Fallon's & the Kimmel's of late... more

Tune In this Saturday when we discuss the rise of the male bitch. Why are men becoming so bitchy nowadays? From everything to the way they dress to relationships and more, some men are taking the bitchy route. What is going on... more

Join me live tomorrow when we discuss our book choice of the month "Instincts" by Bishop Jakes. Join in our question of the day: How has Instincts played a role in your life? Also, I get to talk w/Bishop Jakes a couple weeks back at his... more

Tune In for Wednesday's Chat with Carlotta I am sounding off on the Jay Z incident and other Hot Topics midweek.

Tune in and discuss the latest Ht topics in the news with Donald Sterling comments and more. Call in and let me know how you feel about the ban on Mr. Sterling in the NBA or if you think he should sell the team? Plus the latest in... more

Discussing Hot Topics in pop culture and news for the week.

Short Show today with News and Pop culture events