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This show will look at staff development and e-Learning -- what's happening in that space right now, and how what are t the likely trends for Caribbean companies? It features an interview with Nigel Wall from Ask Leadership, and... more

Our first show of the year features interviews with consultants Nigel Wall, Anthony Watkins and ASTD's Kristen Fyfe on the topic of Trends in Staff Development. They each have very different points of view, but they are all... more

On this show, we interview Lisa-Maria Alexander of AFETT on the survey that was done of the Top 5 Places to Work for Women in Trinidad and Tobago, and Roland Baptist, author of a recently published book of HR research findings.... more

It's a hot topic across the region, and also on the discussion list among CaribHRForum's members. Discrimination is alive and well across the Caribbean, and some argue that it's a business imperative - a way to make more money... more

Our next show focuses on "What CEO's Expect from HR" and we'll be interviewing two former CEOs: Mariano Browne and Ryan Peralto. They'll be sharing with us the things they wish they could get from their Caribbean HR... more

This morning's show is all about professional development, with a focus on the training that's needed for PHR, SPHR and GPHR designations. We are interviewing Hyacinth Guy, who is working with SHRM to establish a presence... more

Join us on the next episode of CaribHR.Radio when we interview a globally recognized expert on Compensation matters, Ann Bares, and also Ilsa DuVerney, regional OD practitioner and founder of the new OD Certificate.

This week's show features an in-depth look at Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). Tune in to hear the latest happenings on this important technology for HR Professionals as we interview experts around the region.... more

This episode focuses on the role that HR can play in fostering a workplace that's friendly to members of the LGBT community. It features interviews with Professor Charles Gosset, Jenifer David and Selisse Berry of Out and Equal Workplace... more

Join us as we interview Keston Nancoo of the Employer's Consultative Association of Trinidad and Tobago, and come hear some insights I learned from recruiting a top HRM professionals for JP Tropical Foods.
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