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Essential oils are among man’s first medicine

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Unlike eating a plant or a flower, using essential oils involves inhaling or absorbing the plant essence via the natural oils. They are highly concentrated and therefore very powerful in the therapeutic benefits department. We access these benefits primarily in two ways, inhalation and absorption. When we inhale the fragrance from vaporized essential oils we take into our bodies the healing molecules. We can also absorb oils through our skin where they make their way into the bloodstream and take immediate effect.

To test the theory just take a bath with lavender oil. Put a few drops of the oil on some epsom salts first, to help evenly distribute it since oil and water don’t mix. The hot water will cause some of the oils to vaporize and be inhaled. Some will also be absorbed into the body. After a lavender infused bath you will feel tranquil, relaxed, happy, and less stressed. Different oils do different things…that is the magic of essential oils.

But maybe you think the idea is a bit “out there” or that it is some modern fad. You would be wrong in thinking so. Essential oils are among man’s first medicine.Ancient writings show that they were used to treat illness dating back to 4500 BC. Egyptian hieroglyphs depict the blending of various oils and they describe recipes. Oils were so highly prized that tomb raiders would pass over gold and choose to take heavy jars filled what they considered to be precious oils. Peasants and slaves used herbs for health and healing because that is all they could afford or find. Queens,kings, and pharaoh’s used essential oils. It is perhaps for this reason that essential oils are not as widely known for their healing properties as herbs are…because they weren’t widely available to the common folk.